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2014 Kia Sound System Failure! Please help!

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Nov 4, 2018, 12:22 PM

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About 2 years ago someone bashed my driver’s side mirror. It was still attached to my car and just the glass was broken. Replacing it at the dealer wasn’t an option for me financially and I couldn’t find one at the ‘pull and save’ so I temporarily have a cheap little mirror attached over the old one. One day shortly after this, I was using the electronic button to adjust the position of the mirror and my entire sound system went out. I thought it had just blown a fuse but it turned out that it was worse than that. It somehow blew the ‘motherboard’ of the entire system out and the dealer told me he needed to order an entirely new unit from S. Korea because they cannot be repaired. Because my car was under warranty still they did this for free. When I finally got it fixed I swore that the dealer told me that they had disconnected the driver’s side electronics from working so as to prevent it from happening again. Fast forward to last week. I was sitting in my car talking to a friend who had her small child with her. My driver side door was open while I was speaking to them so the kid started pushing buttons and BAM the entire system went out again. The heat and a/c work but that’s about it. The dealer said that they never told me they disconnected the driver side and of course my car is no longer under warranty. I have checked with all of the ‘pick a parts’ in a 100 mile vacinity but haven’t been able to find a replacement system and I can not afford the $1,000 price tag to fix this issue. I tell you, between this and the fact that kia’s don’t come with spare tires and the myriad of other issues I’ve learned of after purchasing, I can’t imagine any scenario under which I would buy another Kia. Anyway, my question is this: how can I continue to listen to music and Sirius XM in my car without replacing the entire sound system, as I live on Social Security Disability and can barely make ends meet as it is. Since my speakers don’t work either, I need something that would address that, as well. It seems that the USB and other ports DO work as I have a Garmin plugged in and I am still able to charge my phone, so it would need to be powered that way. Can anyone PLEASE give me some idea of a way around this problem that won’t cost a ton of money. It is getting really annoying driving in silence.....thank you for any help you may be able to provide! I greatly appreciate it!


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