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2001 Mazda Tribute Radio Short

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Apr 30, 2011, 11:43 PM

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2001 Mazda Tribute Radio Short Sign In

I have a 2001 Mazda Tribute with a 6 CD changer, AM/FM 1 and 2, cassette stereo system that came with the vehicle. A few years ago(probably 2004 or 2005) after driving in a particularly bad rain storm with streets flooded, the system no longer worked. Since it wasn't too important to me, I waited a while before taking in to the dealer who promptly advised that the radio needed to be replaced at a cost of $500. I then emailed Mazda who advised that the radio most likely could be repaired. Still didn't do anything.

In December 2010, the battery went completely dead and needed to be replaced. Upon replacing with a new battery, there didn't seem to be any power from the new battery. A friend came over, did something in the engine compartment fuse box and voila...the engine started and to my amazement....the stereo system and clock began to work. The CD changer ejected 4 of the 6 CDs that had been stuck but would not function further.

In February 2011, the battery went completely dead again and had to be replaced. The store said the old battery would not hold the charge and gave me a new battery.
In April 2011, same thing happened again. Took the Tribute to a local mechanic who traced the problem back to the radio...stating that the radio has a "short." He disconnected the radio and said the car would be fine as long as the radio remained disconnected.

My question is...can this short be fixed? I would hate to spend $500 on a new stereo system if this one can be repaired.

Would love to hear anyone's thoughts. I love my stereo system....but had done without for a number of years.

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May 1, 2011, 7:00 AM

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Re: 2001 Mazda Tribute Radio Short Sign In

You can get a used one for much cheaper on ebay. The stereo is not worth $500. Another option is replacing it with a aftermarket unit .. the unit it self you can get around $100 then you will need to buy adapter plate and wiring so it will fit in .. that would likely run another $100.

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