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What is this noise on Mercedes C250?

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New User

Jan 10, 2018, 8:23 PM

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What is this noise on Mercedes C250? Sign In

I am trying to find out what this noise is. I posted a youtube video of the noise here:

It is a 2014 Mercedes C250
47,000 miles
4 cylinder

It makes this noise when it is off and on. It makes the noise after it has been driven for a while. It makes the noise when driving and turning left most of the time. Sometimes it make the noise when not turning. It doesn't matter if you are hitting the breaks or not. And as you see in the video, the car can make the sound when it is off. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Jan 10, 2018, 8:52 PM

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Re: What is this noise on Mercedes C250? Sign In

Noises always tricky. Sounds like a brake wear sensor in the video to me or maybe a rubbing dust shield? It can do this running or just rocking forward and back like that in the video rules out a lot - brakes still are there in wait.
A must do for this is fully check all brakes it's got 47K on it about time for any or all to have already been done or close to ready. Don't always expect the car to be so precise at warning you, you still need to look right at the parts even if new in this case. Hardware for brakes and anything about that at each wheel.
Really need to use MB parts only on this,

(edit to show a link on what by a bit of a quack out there to take as both entertainment and sometimes is correct. > < )

(This post was edited by Tom Greenleaf on Jan 10, 2018, 9:01 PM)

New User

Jan 10, 2018, 9:59 PM

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Re: What is this noise on Mercedes C250? Sign In

Much appreciated. Breaks were checked and are fine. Could it be the parking break shoes or a shock?

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Jan 10, 2018, 11:13 PM

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Re: What is this noise on Mercedes C250? Sign In

These cars and others are VERY fussy to be just right all the time. Can't get away with cheaping out on the parts for these and some others. In video it's metal sound like a fingernail on chalk board with no speed at all so something is rubbing incorrectly. Have you or anyone done brakes yet? 47K is about all any last and I don't mean just tossing in new brake pads.
You would have to remove the calipers for a full inspection not just glance with them still in place as said new or not it's clearly not right. I bet you can pin this to one wheel did seem like left rear to me impossible to be sure.
Can also be bad luck things - wheel or all got way to wet or submerged in water alone is real trouble pending. IDK sometimes just rotating tires (wheels and all) will bring this out.

Arggh - love/hate type cars my key answer is dealer only and pay up let them take responsibility for all suggested maintenance and periodic checks can cost a real fortune so these are not for everyone.
Parking brake may be involved so should have a total check up all is right, parts lubed as needed just time wears out the lube of how calipers operate plus heat, use and so on. OE parts not OEE mean "Original Equipment" not OEE = "Original Equipment Equivalent" isn't good enough.
There must be a list of checks periodically listed for this car. Any with 47K should have all brakes check totally periodically even change out brake fluid for exact proper fluid for this car may not be the common DOT3.

If this car was brand new and did this you'd have to do the same checks it's demonstrating the noise,


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