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Sounds like dragging a robot along the ground

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Aug 30, 2018, 2:24 AM

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Sounds like dragging a robot along the ground Sign In

About 2 months ago my car made a horrendous noise where it sounded like it was dragging a large piece of metal.

I stopped immediately thinking the exhaust had fallen off, but there was nothing being dragged along. It was only a short distance home and I managed to drive slowly back.

The noise then stopped for about 3 weeks and I thought, maybe it had been a stone that had got stuck in a bearing and managed to free itself.

But then it happened again, it sounded like a car being crunched at a scrap metal yard and again like dragging metal under car.

Then it stopped for another month!

Any ideas what it might be? It is a VW Polo 1.2 2007 .

The garage had it for a week and drove it and it made no noise, they couldn't see anything obvious.

I feel I can't drive long distances or at night at mo as thinking it'll break down at some point.

Any ideas what it might be? Thanks in advance for any ideas

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Aug 30, 2018, 3:11 AM

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Re: Sounds like dragging a robot along the ground Sign In

It can quit making this noise for so long and you had it at a shop for a week that didn't find anything guess you need to leave it again for as much as can be inspected so far don't know if anything was or it just didn't do it.

All wheels off while up overhead checking including all mounts for all suspension, exhaust or hidden now debris of junk may be lodged somewhere.
Since it remains unknown you DON'T know if you can count on this car breaking down over this.
Here's just one example of what can make wild noise and go away also should be periodically checked you need to ask that they be checked.

Heat shields for hot exhaust parts are frequently just thinner metal spot welded halfs over an area or item known too hot or too close to something can lose part of one slowly till it breaks free and is gone or the other half jams somehow and is quite but those can be checked. They do make noise like all hell is breaking lose as they first break do NOT effect the driving of the vehicle so much or at all just noise.

At less age than this it happens so would specifically ask those be check may now have one totally missing a tech needs to know that one should have been there.

Good luck. Stuff the quits making a noise especially that long is sometimes impossible to find I'd look for something common like that - ask for that specifically on the list,


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