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Need advise on Cab floor repair - '87 F150 i6 4.9L

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New User

Dec 6, 2017, 11:07 AM

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Need advise on Cab floor repair - '87 F150 i6 4.9L Sign In

Hiya gentlemen!

Just bought my first project truck and would greatly appreciate some guidance, opinions and advice on this:

1987 Ford F150 Custom 2x4 4.9L Inline 6 Regular Cab

So here is the situation. I just bought this truck from a kid for 3000$
The mileage says its 109,000Km but that might be BS.

I bought it for a project truck to work on for the winter. I might have gotten more than I bargained for! :-)

I started by removing the seat and carpet to find this:
I have marked out the sections I am thinking of cutting out and welding in patch plates with 16 gauge sheets.

I see that there has already been patch work done and I think the rocker was changed as well but not sure.

The underside is not any better;

The passenger side seems ok, except for this section against the firewall:

So first question:
1: Should I be worried about this truck? or is this type of damage normal for this type of truck. Keep in mind, this is in Canada where they put salt on roads for ice... I am hoping replacing the indicated sections will be enough to make it safe to use.

2: Do you agree with my cut locations? or should I just replace the whole floor with a replacement panel?

3: How should I approach the passenger side rust near the firewall? do I cut a rectangle around the rusted area then weld in a piece?

4: Under the driver side floor panel, I see a lot of rust. It seems the repair guy just spread that windshield gunk on top of the rust.
I am guessing I need to remove all that black crap, then start grinding away all the rust? Or again, should I just cut the whole floor panel out and replace it with a replacement part. ?

Thanks for the help guys.


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Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Dec 7, 2017, 12:11 AM

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Re: Need advise on Cab floor repair - '87 F150 i6 4.9L Sign In

Quote you ">I bought it for a project truck to work on for the winter. I might have gotten more than I bargained for! :-)<"
You said it, I didn't.
Seems this has already been thru before which makes this harder to weld in new metal up to very temporary as the repaired area will probably be the first to give troubles again if used in the same conditions.

If this "project" was to practice and test out your welding and metal skills it's a great choice sorry you had to pay for it as IMO just a 2x2, standard cab truck, std shift (think I saw that) just prettied up with wheels and some trim is nice for some but doubt value if it was perfect is outstanding isn't the point if you like it.

Lots of fine detail work just to get rid of this rust almost no matter what you do will be back. Looks like a lot of $$ has already been put in it yet you aren't sure if kilometers are correct, neither am I.
You can look and see if pre made panels for repair are available they are for GMs more easily not the quality of OE metal may already be full of that at now 31 years old in a rust belt.

Before you lose your shirt - do you legitimately own this thing? Papers in order and VIN#s match up? If not and no way to back out of this you've already taken things apart so doubt that I wouldn't pursue much until that's known or cleared up.

There do seem to be enough good parts to either break even or cut losses dramatically while whole find out real condition of major components.
Sure looks like a lot of effort went in to making this look good for one last chance to sell it whole not just parts IMO. Hey - if you wanted a project that's just what you got. I dare say harder than if this was original rusted parts to make right than fixing the second round on some of this?

Search away for pre made panels if you are up to it for the labor end. Making those from scratch is beyond what I would seek out and not equipped nor trained well enough to make those areas look and be like new again. Good luck, the more you know how much worse it might be the better before you start or call it off and cut losses IMO only it's your time and $,


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