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I used House Paint on my car..

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New User
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Mar 27, 2011, 10:23 PM

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I used House Paint on my car.. Sign In

1978 Plymouth Fury Sport

Link deleted.........not allowed

This is what my car looks like brand new^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

..well, Im kinda new to this whole auto repair thing soO 2 weeks ago I had some drunk idea to paint my car.
So that morning i went to walmart and got some House paint..I know im supposed to sand my car down and all that,
and i Kinda figured the paint wouldn't stick to well..Anyways, i didn't sand my car down and got my roller
and went at it with flat black paint to my entire car. Im not going to lie, It looked kinda sweet..The first day.
But long story short, 2 weeks later It looks like Sh!t. I was hoping the rain would wash it off, but it hasn't rained
here in florida in like 2-3 weeks now. SoO.. I went to go see if I could wash it off myself, Therfor
I got my water hose and sprayer and it it started to get a little off ( barely anything) after like 5 mins so I decided to go to a power wash
type places and spent 9$ in that machine to have a power spray. It did a good job removing the paint from my doors and fenders.
Anyways.. I cant seem to get the paint off my hood roof and trunk, Since its a billion degrees here in Florida the paint is probably baked on?

Any ideas how i can remove this paint??
I know i shouldn't have done this in the first place, I was intoxicated .

I know some of you are prob laughing at me right now but I'm serious..
I would like to get this paint off so I can sand my car to get it painted correctly..
I've had this car for about 5-6 years now, I just rebuilt my 318 and transmission..
But i'm just a little clueless about bodywork.. Please help..

My first step is to remove this silly mistake i made!! Remember its house paint from walmart.
Do i need paint thinner? i'm not looking to get down to bare metal.

I'm new to this site, my name is Brian, Ill becoming here a lot for help.
Thanks in advance!

The pic above is the same color my car is,
just imagine the hood, roof & trunk flat black.

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Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Mar 30, 2011, 4:57 PM

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Re: I used House Paint on my car.. Sign In

Quote">>But I'm just a little clueless about bodywork<<"

That's an understatement and I'm not in the autobody biz and never was. I have painted old junkers with brush very carefully and if your blind it looks fine. Not house paint sport! At least something like Rustoleum. If you can't remove it now and this is a decent car you are in for a surprise. Bet is, It will require sanding down to bare metal and then start over. This trade is not for everyone and if you want this right, you just made it tons harder,


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