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Hyundai the wreck worth it?

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New User

Nov 13, 2011, 11:08 PM

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hi, my name is lemorace, i live in so cal, i am a brand new car owner(21)
and had made a couple of regrettable decisions to lead my 2001 Hyundai GLS into a bad piece of auto aesthetics. i got into a car accident, completely smashing the front passenger, and rear driver side of my car, causing the frame to warp. the engine, and radiator was spared due to the design of the engine compartment. car can run, but I DO NOT drive it, it just isn't safe.

now my question to you, the great members of the CarJunky forums:
is resetting the frame's shape, plausible?
what would i need to do?
what would be some costs?

and as a little background, this car was actually given to me by my father, this car has done both of us, a load of good, iv'e had some great memories with the car, so it has some sentimental value. Plus i wouldn't mind sacrificing what little there is in my savings, to bring it back to the state it was before(saves a hell of a lot of gas).
and thank you once again. Lemorace

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Nov 14, 2011, 3:47 AM

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Re: Hyundai the wreck worth it? Sign In

Welcome to the site. I'm not an auto body tech but have a clue. This car can be straightened to exact specs such that parts will fit and so on. At now 11 +/- years old it's a total loss vs cost of repair most likely.

Is insurance from you or another going to help with this? Keep in mind that about all will not pay more to repair than the estimate of the fix and the remaining value together of good parts and sometimes can just pay the difference but be warned that fixed up there's a high chance of unseen problems down the road that may not show up right away.

Has it been estimated yet as to cost of the fix? Been a long time but from clear across country from So. Cal. do notice that cars last longer there and probably best to seek out another of the same if you really like that exact car that hasn't had the misfortune of major damage. My opinion and may stand alone,


New User

Nov 14, 2011, 3:29 PM

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Re: Hyundai the wreck worth it? Sign In

thank you for the response Tom, as far as i know most of the claim money will be going to the other parties involved in the accident....
the overall cost of the car by KBB is about 1500.
the engine had been completely rebuilt after a gasket had been compromised.
About half of the parts needed to be replaced, can be found online, and are just a little bit more than 900 dollars, those being the:
Replacement head, and tail lights.
COMPLETE power steering replacement. 9 pieces all together.

this however does not include the:
trunk lid,
and other POSSIBLE parts that i probably won't see until i actually choose to do the repairs. getting close to the KBB MSRP, which would mean that im basically buying a rebuilt Elantra GLS.

i don't mind that, it would probably force me to take more care into the way i drive, and how much i drive.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Nov 14, 2011, 10:43 PM

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Re: Hyundai the wreck worth it? Sign In

OK: I couldn't hope to guess the exact insurance rules or what if anything you get towards a repair or plain pay out and insurance then owns the car if like here at all. All that if you had coverage for your own car not required here but do have to cover damages to others.

Can only play the here-there rules. A 2001 wouldn't generally allow NEW parts but equivalent used parts - then comes the "frame straightening", labor plus the paint and finish work and what you have is a fixed up car which really can be just fine.

As said, expect some bull down the road that's not routine but a surprise odd something that may (maybe not?) crop up.

YOU have to decide if you want to overspend the value of the car and watch out for KBB, NADA and other valuations as in truth it's what willing buyer and sellers agree on every time. The fixed up value could be less or considered a "salvage" vehicle - can't say as an adjuster would determine that.

I gotta let you determine the real expense of fix or get another car if used may have other issues and repairs to do too. Accidents suk no matter how you slice it.

Side note: I drive and own (now) vehicles all exceeding 15 years old up to 64 years old! What are they really worth? Here, if not at fault with another vehicle you must have done an appraisal ahead that it's worth X not just some guessing book value. For myself if at fault the other is covered and I'm SOL for my own damages or total losses. Insurance roulette. Premiums saved over many decades would replace all of them so I'm ahead - knock on wood!

Should have said first and foremost hope nobody was hurt or worse! Do your homework as best you can about the $ impact vs a change. If you are at fault factor for your budget an insurance surcharge that most states do also.

Good luck,


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