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Dec 6, 2023, 11:34 PM

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P0505 Sign In

looking for advice.
my '99 tacoma with 285k miles had the p0505 code. It had a high idle @ 2k and would sometimes stall when at idle and AC on.
cleaned IAC and idle dropped but check engine light stayed on and code was still there.
changed the IAC and PCV valves and check engine light is off.
scanned and saw sensors (CAT, EVA, O2S) had not been able to engage. Still no check engine light and no codes as of yet.
Did the recomended Drive Cycle and now I'm getting codes p0505 again and this new one p0420. But no check engine light. Is this just the ECU needing to adjust for the repairs that I have completed???
Also, power steering bump has been leaking forever and from some quick searches i see this could be an issue.
Is there any truth to this?
I did notice, after the repairs my power steering is a little lowder and stiffer.
I feel like I'm so close to getting smogged, but this roadblock has come up and not sure if its just needing time for my ECU to adjust since I have no check engine light.

thanks i advance for anyone who can maybe shed light.

not sure but should mention.
i used seafoam spay for the intake and also seafoam fuel additive. currious if the spray for the intake broke up carbon, thats now on the o2 bank 1 sensor and thats why I,m getting this? could it be as easy as driving at high RPM's for a while to blow out the carbon?

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Hammer Time
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Dec 9, 2023, 4:36 PM

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Re: P0505 Sign In

You have 2 different issues. There is still a problem with controlling the idle. With the high mileage you have it could be any number of things developed from wear. I'm thinking the throttle shafts could be just worn out and too loose.

The P0420 is telling you the Catalytic Converter is unable to do it's job any more. That's no surprise with that kind of mileage. There are other possible causes for that code but a bad Cat is the most likely.


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