CarJunky Forums Come get free automotive repair help, or simply discuss car facts. en Aircon pipe welding Alfa 159 [red]Year of vehicle 1999 Make of vehicle (Ford/ Chevrolet) Alfa Romeo [/red][red] Model of vehicle ( Taurus/ Cavalier) [/red][red]159 Engine size (2.0/ 5.7) 2.0 Mileage/Kilometer 32.000 [/red] Hey everybody, I've registrated to this forum because of a certain VW Beetle passenger front window 2004 Hello I am having a passenger window issue... front window. 2004 VW Beetle Convertible I had to have it pulled up when it quit working then it dropped down 3-4 inches from the top. Do I need a whole new window motor or a rebuild for the motor? thx 2002 Hyundai No Electric and Stuck in Park 2002 Hyundai Accent. Cannot get any electric when turning key. Tried to jump start battery and doesn't help. Also cannot move gear out of park for towing. ck eng & reduced power light & wont start my car started, hard starting 6 mos ago, then wouldn't start at all,the x's friend said fuel pump at first, then sensor, i forget which one, but it was not on the throttle body, it was in black box with fuses under hood next to battery- he changed and ran fine 2000 caravan won't start after timing belt change 2000 dodge caravan 3.0 150,000 miles. I replaced a friends timing belt and water pump on his van. during find top dead center another friend helping me dropped a 1/4 inch extension for a 1/4 inch drive got dropped down the #1 cylinder. so I proceeded 1998 VW Jetta 3 makes clicking noise Hi My VW Jetta 3 1998 model (227 000 km on the clock) is making a clacking noise on the driver side front wheel like two pieces of metal being banged together. It also shudders like the wheel balancing is out. We had the wheel balancing done two times already. CATALYTIC CONVERTER HOW WOULD I KNOW IF IT NEEDS TO BE REPLACED PLEASE HELP!! I JUST GOT A CHEVY SILVERADO 2500 VORTEC ENGINE SIZE 3500 WHEN IM DRIVING AND PICK UP SPEED IT BACK FIRES WHEN I PUT IT IN PARK AND PRESS THE GAS IT BACK FIRES DOES ANYONE WHAT CAUSES THAT SOMEONE SAID IT COULD BE THE CATALYTIC CONVERTER WELL THERE IS TWO ON T PLEASE HELP!!! YES I HAVE A 1999 MITUBUSHI GALLANT 2.4 L V6 I WAS DRIVING AND IT JUST STARTED SLOWING DOWN THAN IT STOPED IT STARTED RIGHT BACK UP ALL THE GEARS WORKED IT JUST WOULD NOT MOVE IV TRYED EVERYTHING CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE!! 1985 s10 4.3 carb, 80k runs, but wont idle Hello, I have a great looking 1985 s10 pickup 4.3 carburated with 80,000 miles. I worked at General Motors and special ordered the truck. It was a limited production. I didnt want the 2.8 lol. I use it rarely. It has always run great. Last week it wont idle. I Battery Slowly Destroying My Car? I am leasing a Jeep Liberty 2003 from a dealership pretty close to my home. I've had it for about a year 1/2 now and it's done me pretty well.. Gets me from A to B, ya know?! The first thing that stopped working (electrically) was the back left window. Just st 2000 Maxima engine temp issues 2000 Nissan Maxima. Yesterday, the engine temp started shooting up quickly upon acceleration from a stop but then came right back down. Doesn't do it every time but does it enough to where I imagine it is a problem. Does not run hot when idling or after it get 1963 Falcon break light problem had problem with break light staying on. tapped the switch on the master cylinder and out go the lights. push the break peddle and they work. then they went out again so I replaced the switch. running lights work and signals work but no break lights. I thought 2008 ford escape automatic dimming rearview mirror not working 2008 ford escape automatic dimming rearview mirror not working hi guys this has been going on for a few months now I can be driving in brod daylight it justs keeps going from dark to clear some days are better then others it seems to have a mind of its owen! a ignition wire short? Actually my car is a boat.77 Carver with ford 351 w. My question concerns the wire from the ignition switch to the coil. When I connect a test light from the battery side of the switch and ground it lights brightly. When I remove the lead from ground and conne Theft Light in My 2000 Ford Taurus My 2000 Ford Taurus, with a 24v 3.0, will not start. The Theft light flashes rapidly when I turn the key to start and the radio doesn't turn on. I have been told by family that the car has a grounding issue, so I started checking wires, cleaning posts, and I p p0328 corolla 2008 hello, friends, I have u problem with my corolla 2008, me is setting the code p0328 sensor detonation is intermittent one day lights another does not, some vece I erase and lasts a few days but returns again and when it leaves feel good heavy truck to start He 2000 mercury grand marquis Headlight puzzle V8 92,000 miles Hi, I love my car but have a problem that I've been unable to fix and would love some advice. Inconsistently but after about 10-30 of driving my headlights go out and every dash light starts to flash at a rate of about 10x per second. It seems like a short cir 1994 ford f150 4wd 305 cu,in, truck, engine abruptly shuts down Ford F150truck, v8, 305 cu. in. 4wd, 99000 mile. Start & runs smoothly then it will begin to miss and it will abruptly shut down. By spraying carb cleaner or outboard winterizing fluid I can keep the engine running. Smooth run time before shut down varies. Wha can I rotate tires that are slightly different or should I just run them down and replace? I have a 1981 Chev Silverado stepside shortbox rear wheel drive with a 350 motor. The rear tires are BF Goodrich P275/ 60R15 107S and the front tires are BF Goodrich P235/ 60R15 98S. Can I rotate them or should I just leave them as is and replace them all when turn signal/hazard lite clicker The "clicking" noise happens when the turn signal is not activated