CarJunky Forums Come get free automotive repair help, or simply discuss car facts. en Billing question Question about ethics of billing. I take an 05 Sequoia in that has a coolant leak. I get charged $50 for a leak test and they replace the radiator, flush an Carb for 302 I have a 86 Ford Bronco with a 302 engine and need a new carb. It is a 2 barrel carb. Will any 2 barrel fit such as an edelbrock or holley or will only the c.v joint wont tighten properly i posted earlier and was wondering if anyone knew that if you replace a c.v joint but used hammer on end to knock the c.v joint into position and bashed the 2004 Explorer Cranks but won't start Okay folks... I'm at a loss. Even my simple mind understands that if you have fuel, air, compression and spark you should have ignition. My 2004 Explorer 4. woop woop noise when driving hi, can anyone help please. recently while attempting cv joint replacement, the hub nut wouldn't come off so i got my neighbour to have a go at standing on blower motor Hi everyone is it hard to replace a blower motor on Volvo C70 2007 Car heater core leaking or no ? I have a 2005 Honda Civic. It has 99,000 miles on it. About three and a half weeks ago I decided to add coolant to the overflow container just because I fel brake noise Hi there everyone, this is 2004 venture 3.4, the front and rear brake lining is ok, but when the brake pedal is depressed and after the vehicle is stopped t Transmission problem I have a 2002 Ford escort zx2 manual transmission. When pressing the clutch it did not spring back like usual and as a result I could not get it into gear h 2006 Caravan Passenger Window I have an 06 Grand Caravan with about 140k on it. My wife rolled down the passenger front window about an inch, then left for an appt. When she got back in 2002 suzuki 2.7 xl7 4x4, stalling when coming to stop 2002 suzuki xl7, 2.7, 4x4, a/c, a/t, 192,000 miles Wonderful car, we just inherited it due to a death (for our son to drive while he's in college). 1) Car s Transmission leaking 2005 dodge stratus 2005 dodge stratus 2.4 dohc auto transmission. I am leaking transmission fluid from one of the holes the flywheel bolts go in. And only from that one locati 2003 malibu 3.1L having hard starting issues I am having a little trouble tracking the issue my 2003 Malibu is currently having. Basically it's giving my hard start issues. To start it whether engines 2003 Malibu 3.1 hard start. No engine codes. I am having a little trouble tracking the issue my 2003 Malibu is currently having. Basically it's giving my hard start issues. To start it whether engines Citroen picasso engine wont start and dashboard beeps Citroen xsara picasso hdi exclusive 2005 2L When ignition is turned the car wont start, and the dashboard gives out a beeping noise. I was wondering a) what 03 Santa Fe - Engine Revs then RPM goes up and down I just replaced an engine in a 03 Sante Fe. The new engine seems to run fine but upon initial start up it reves up high then the RPMs go down but continue t 2004 honda odessey makes grinding noise only in reverse car makes a grinding noise when i go in reverse..What could it be? A/C and Heater on 2003 Saturn L200 A?c and heater will not work. The letters "OC" appear on display. What does this indicate? 2008 chevy colorado 3.7 I-5 wont run 2008 Chevy Colorado 4x4 Z71 Lt, 3.7 (inline 5) engine with 75937 miles. Issue: engine will not fire up.... Description, Second week of November 2015 the eng TF8/A727 Tranny Issue Hello everyone, first time poster here hoping to get some help with a tranny issue im having. Here's my story, The tranny is in an 84 Dodge D150 w/73k origi