CarJunky Forums Come get free automotive repair help, or simply discuss car facts. en 98 pontiac sunfire leaking water? under hood by tire I drive a 98 pontiac sunfire convertible. I can provide more info should it be requested.. I do believe it is a 2.2 4cyl So I was driving yesterday, pulled a U-turn in a parking lot to turn around and the car, from the top of the hood by the windshield started tps readings 96 altima Hello.I have a altima that I cant seem to get running correct. I tested last nig gr8 ang got a closed throttle at .45 and smooth to open at 4.01 . Should I do this while its running? 2002 Ford Explorer engine swap Can you put a 1985 Marquis 302 engine in a 2002 Ford Explorer? Will I have to do any mods? If so, what? Also, does the 302 bolt up to the 4.6L transmission? Thanks. Your Opinion on the best looking one? Hello Guys! Newbie here, I'm interested in buying my first car and so far I've come with 4 candidates may I say. Btw, the only common aspect these 4 cars have is the price. So, there's : -2013 Mercedes CLA(without the AMG styling packet which kinda sets it bac No power to climate control, fan, or compressor clutch 2004 Buick Rendezvous V6 I just bought my car from a private party. I was told the ac had been "disconnected" by the tow company she bought it from. When the car is running there is no power in the climate control and no fans blowing. Not even the ac light comes on. This is the same f Overheating/loss of power 1994 Toyota Camry XLE V6 High mileage Prepare for long post😁 Alright, starting from the beginning. My girlfriends car recently lost power steering. Her mechanic claimed it was pump so she replaced it and believes there is now a hose leak because still no po Hard starting 1999 Chrysler Town and Country 3.8 liter 225000 Hard starting for last couple days . I am pulling 14 volts across the battery while running, but when i crank the motor the engine seems to pause during crank and all lights in cabin go bad. I am thinking the sta 1999 escort sohc crank no start I have a 1999 Ford Escort SOHC....I was driving down the highway and it started to fall on its face under load....then it died and wouldnt start....I changed the fuel filter and pulled the fuel pump out and inspected it and the tank.....the pump and tank were Unbelievable rear view mirror issue (advice requested!) Recently I bought a 1987 Chevrolet Blazer K5 in decent shape. The windshield appears to be either original or at least 10 years old based on normal visual wear. Upon paying for the vehicle it didn't have a rear view mirror and unfortunately everything I have t Mazda 5 2006 Camshaft problem While my dad was driving he saw the oil light on so he stop buy a auto shop and topped up the oil...5 miles later the car stalled...we towed it to the mechanic..they saw that the oil filter was not there...(no one has any idea how it feel out) because the oil Car locks up after 4 fixes! Hi. Here's my problem,my daughter has a used Toyota Corolla CE(151,256 miles) she got off of Craigs List . Problem #1. The car needed brakes so, I had my mechanic put brakes on and two new axles, also a master cylinder. I drove the car after he fixed it(it sat 2005 Mercury Monterey Hi Folks, I have a 2005 mercury Monterey van with a check engine light on. Autozone diagnosed either a mass[blue] [#000000]air flow[/#000000][/blue] sensor or O2 sensor problem. I tried cleaning the air flow sensor with air flow sensor cleaner but check engine Squealing from front right wheel. I drive a 2002 Honda Civic Sedan with 160k km (about 100k miles) on the odometer. The problem: There's a squealing coming from my front right wheel when I drive. The sound goes away if I tap or hold the brakes. Sometimes it goes away if I steer slightly to the Aftermarket vs Remanufactured fuel linjector?which is better? Hi , I have 1993 infiniti G20 with 215,000 miles. I am going to buy a fuel injector online, which one is better to buy ? the New aftermarket or Original used remanufactured? I am worry about aftermarket part not fitting perfectly and having a fuel leak problem ​Buzzing noise when push the accelerator and when the key is in "ON" position Hello all, I have 1993 Infiniti G20 : 215,000 miles. the car was running very bad. shaking hard when driving, for starting the car I had to push the gas pedal while cranking so the car will start and sometime when I was getting to a complete stop ( on red traf Whats the difference? Chevron and some other gas stations claim to have superior gasoline. Chevron has "techron". I have been told by a not so trustworthy source that chevron gas is much better and that it is good to go to chevron at least once in a while as it will clean at your t 2006 mercedes-benz model E350 car door lock problem My son owns a 2006 mercedes-benz,model E-350, with a automatic door locking system problem. When the transmission is in drive and you start to move forward the doors automatically lock, normal operation. On his car 3 out of the four doors lock EXCEPT the right Front wheel noise (Video included) Hi Anyone got any ideas what is going on here: 95 ford escort gt speedometer cable trying to replace instrument panel bulbs Trying to remove my instrument panel to replace bulbs. Got the dash apart. Steering wheel dropped. Screws removed and ready to take out. The speedometer cable is holding it in. Never done this. Don't know if its supposed to pop right off easily or if there's a help identifying missing part 2003 hyundia tiburon 4 cylinder 2.0 120,000 miles I had just purchased this car and it was towed to my house, it does start up and drive but had slight front end damage, while removing damaged parts I noticed its missing a part I have no clue what part this is