CarJunky Forums Come get free automotive repair help, or simply discuss car facts. en 2006 lincoln zephyr multiple misfire and noise Hi I'm New to forums I have 2006 Lincoln zephyr 3.0 . Yesterday I drive 200 miles to different appointments and noticed while driving a different sound in m DIY fix/rust prevention for cracking paint area Photos: Please excuse my ignorance, total novice with this stuff. Just bought an 05 Caravan and want to protect the places it has chips/scrapes from rust. 95 buick park ave. trans prob.? Buick park ave has developed a problem of vibrating roughly at low rpm. This is especially bad when cruising at 50-55mph at 1800rpm. The engine rpm drops to 2006 Renault laguna dasboard and tail lights out. Dashboard and tail lights out, also licence plate light. Indicators, fog, and hazards all work fine. Have checked fuses and they seem to be ok. Any suggesti Paintwork needing some attention I bought a car which the previous owner had hand painted characters painted on it using acrylic paint. Abrasive pads and sugar soap do not help to remove. I Auto repair chrysler 300 base modelignition switch my ignition seems to be stuck in accessory mode but still turns when you insert the key, but it does not click into lock or start, what could cause this? wh 2001 Ford Windstar won't start. My friend's Ford Windstar won't start. She says it's like it doesn't have enough power to crack over, but just enough to crank for a few seconds. The dome l 2000 Ford Escort zx2 won't start, and if it does, noises happen. Okay, so about a month ago, I purchased my first car, and it has been nothing but a headache since I've gotten it. If I could go a week without it breaking, 2000 Opel Astra stalls when idle Hello, I own a Opel Astra 2000, 1.4L, 160k KM. A few months ago the car started using an unusual long time to start after turning the ignition, up to 3 seco Oil sensor not reading oil correctly 2008 Chevy Impala V6 3.5 So my oil pressure light was on and the oil sensor said that I had 67% of oil left. I changed the oil and filled it up, but it stil Noise in 2001 Ford Laser Hai, I have a Ford Laser, 2001, over 200000 km now, automatic. Starts well and runs fine. But after running for little longer (when engine gets heated up I ac keep blowing fuses 2008 chevy uplander, 3.9 engine. One evening we notice air was not blowing cold. Check fuses it was blown. Replaced fuse, it was good for a day then it blew 07 Altima SE, 3.5, Need Clutch disc or kit? Where can I find? I have a 2007 Altima SE, 3.5. We have looked locally and online for a clutch disc but can't find one. Can't even find a kit for it. Really don't want to hav Steering problem 2000 toyota tundra, 4.7L . Steering is very hard, as if pump is out. Replaced pump, serpentine belt , rack and pinion , ball joints, shocks. Someone told me 2002 ford expidition 4.6 need to change the head on the passenger side will I have to retime it Also on the same ford I need to know if anyone knows what will make it run hot for a min then when u stop it goes back down but then it will go right back u Pinch welds almost gone, how to fix? 98 Dodge Dakota ext cab. Haven't purchased yet, looking at tomorrow. If frame is good, price is very good. But from the pics I've gotten, the pinch welds wh bizarre whistle noise from front right wheel Hello everyone, I have a 2005 lexus is 200, but I'm not sure if the model even matters for my question. Anyway, I'm hearing a strange whistle from the front Re: fuel filter change 2009 holden barina(opel corsa) Hi i have the same Problem but with the Holden Barina 2009 in Australia the engine is 1.6 16v and i found one Black box near the right rear wheel it have th 05 Scion Xb Tail light Have a 05 Scion xb that no matter what I've tried (change bulb, New fuses, New connector, replacing all wires, even switching which side the housing was con