CarJunky Forums Come get free automotive repair help, or simply discuss car facts. en front end vibration I have a 2002 Toyota Sienna van. Last April I had my tires changed out and immediately felt a bad front end vibration on the way home. So far I have spent a good $1000 and have many new parts, but the vibration has not been fixed. The tires have been balanced electrical problem Have 2007 Chevrolet HHR and have a temp gage not working as well as my a/c compressor,have checked fuses,and ok,now I have relays to check(don't have meter) please advise Idling and Shifting Problems after Check Engine Light "Fixed" at Dealership 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt LT 2.2L 4cyl 5M ~52,500 miles About 2 weeks ago, the check engine light came on. Auto Zone told me it was either MAP sensor or vacuum hoses. Took it to Chevy dealership two days ago (first chance I got), they told me it was the MAP sensor 2006 chev colorado This might be a stupid ? but is the steering wheel supposed to lock with the key out on this vehicle? Wife's truck and I haven't driven it in 4 or 5 years and today I noticed it doesn't lock. Can't remember if it did or not. No other problems with key/ignition Car shuddering/failing to accelerate at certain speeds/gears Question regarding the car failing to accelerate properly that only happens just when I start driving it. Turn on the car and go, it accelerates fine in first gear. When I switch to second gear it starts shuddering at 20mph and won't go any faster no matter ho transmission problems My 2002 isuzu rodeo is leaking transmission fluid and causing it to slip in low gear what exactly is wrong with it and how much is it to repair Antique and Classic Car Survey Please take a couple of moments to fill out the 10 question Antique and Classic Automobile survey available on survey monkey. Its only there for a limited amount of time and your answers are very valuable! [i] link deleted[/i] Drove my car through a flood -- car horn is muffled I drove through some slightly flooded areas a few weeks ago and my car horn has been muffled ever since. I have an '06 Chrysler Sebring -- [b]would I just have to replace just the horn itself or will I have to replace the relay and relay connector?[/b] My horn 01 Dakota 4.7L Tune Up/Engine Flush Planning to get my 01 Dakota tuned up, it has 135K miles on it, completely stock, and I'm not sure of past service. Besides new spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor, what else should I look into getting replaced? Also, the oil hasn't been changed in YEARS. Its al CRX Chronic starting issue 1991 Honda CRX Si 148000 miles I need help with a diagnosis! Sometimes the car won't start, although most of the time it starts on the first turnover and runs fine. It will sometimes go weeks without a problem, and then have a little series of no-starts. It al 2005 Ford Focus won't start I have a 2005 Ford Focus and it would not start so I got a new battery and put it in and then the car ran fine for about a year. Then one morning the car won't start again and it would not even take a jump so I took it to the auto parts store to have it tested very high low side pressure After evacuating my system, when I try to charge it I'm getting extremely high low side pressures and lower than normal high side. Now I know most are gonna be thinking bad compressor, but this is a brand new compressor and the same thing was happening with my 99 lancer lost power while driving now won't start 99 lancer 4 speed auto lost engine power while cruising at 60 km/h still had enough to creep the last 200 metres home but had no acceleration. Came to a stop put car in nuetral and could smell a synthetic smell (best discription it wasn't oil or fuel though) . Heavy transmission clunking When I do rapid acceleration/holding brakes and press gas to high rotations/achieve speed of 30km/h then car make heavy clunking from the transmission. When I decrease speed, it stops. No bad sounds without shafts/weight Saab 900 1991 convertible 2.1 100kw aut Air compressor, where to fill oil Hi I am trying to do maintenance on a old air compressor and I would need some help. 1. I can't figure exactly where to fill in the new oil. I see the drain plug but don't know where to fill the new one. 2. About the oil level, it look like full currently, mus seat belt tensioner wont' lock 1986 chev HI, I have a 1986 Chev Van T30. it's actually has a Chev van front and a Bluebird passenger compartment in the back. Yes it's a school bus (was) 350 cu in motor, 166,000 original Kilometers (103,000 miles) ....seriously. when seated in the bus, seat belt clipp clutch pedal hi there everyone, this is a 200 honda civic manual trani, the clutch pedal is stack on the floor what could cause this or where should i start to check. thank you like always. Prusa i3 at higher speed I am running on a Prusa i3 and at higher speed settings only one of my motors runs. When I lowered my steps per mm in marlin the issue went away. Do you guys think it could be a current issue or a motor issue? Thanks MRO Supply 2006 4runner wont start after changing d engine, ECU and key. hi guys, my 06 4runner was parked for almost 1 year due to engine fault. now i ve changed d engine (used one), ECU (used one) and d key, but d car wont start, it will make a sound as if starting but wont start. pls i need help ASAP. thanks guys 1978 van instrument cluster fuse vs 15 amp breaker fuse Okay folks first off I'm new to this forum I have searched and haven't really found the answer to my question. I'm a quadriplegic but before my accident I considered myself an above average shade tree mechanic! I now have a 1978 Chevy handicap Van. The instrum