CarJunky Forums Come get free automotive repair help, or simply discuss car facts. en braking problems Actually the only way I could get any pedal at all (and enough pressure to turn off the dash brake light) was by using the vacuum method. And although it's still spongy, I do have some pedal now with the running. It just seemed strange that it went to the floo 89 Ford Ranger 5spd 2.3L won't start - reopened OK, so I need to reopen this thread and take back my kudos from yesterday, sorry, Hammer Time. Battery has been replaced and it did NOT solve the problem. I cut and pasted what I posted yesterday below, but here's the new stuff: 1) New battery installed, it se braking problems I have a 1979 Chev El Camino with a 305 motor, P.S., P.B. I had the right front hose break and after I changed it , I bled the master cyl and then the brakes, starting at the right rear. couldn't get much fluid at the rears. Checked the master cyl and although 89 Ford Ranger 5 speed 2.3L Won't Start Two days ago my 89 Ranger started intermittently not starting (no click or crank sound), but if I messed with it enough I could get it started. Now, nothing. The ignition has always taken a lot of playing around with to get it in the right position to accept t 2005 Satrun Relay Transmission Problem 2005 Saturn Relay, 80,000 miles. Transmission shifts fine until warmed up, then after stopping at a light, it has a slight clunk from first to second, and then more severe clunk from second to third. I changed the transmission filter, new fluid, and it seems w chevy cruze 2100 problem Hi, Ii have problem with my chevy cruze 2011, my car just 37000km. Before 2 weeks the care stop suddenly and it unable to move at D and even when i use manual not able to move but at R it move back normally. some people told me it need a new gear box which is What is my used car worth now? What is the best website to figure out what your old vehicle is worth today? I am looking at a 2011 dodge charger RT...not my car but a friend of mine asked me bc she does not have internet access. can even look the info. up and tell me if you don 2004 SEAT LEON CUPRA 1.9 TDI 150 LOST POWER, SMOKED AND NOW A LIST OF ISSUES Hello there everyone I have a 2004 54 SEAT LEON CUPRA 1.9 TDI 150 BHP Recently, I've found that the car started to lose power when I was driving, then I would just restart the engine and it would be fine More recently, it started to Judder, ever ever so slight 97 LGT problems idling I own a 97 legacy gt and I recently removed the air filter for inspection and put STP gas treatment in and right afterwards I started my car and it will not idle. It drops to like 2-300 rpms and sputters, and somtimes stalls. The car is throwing codes for bad 2000 Pontiac Grand AM SE, Shaking during acceleration First and foremost, thank you for taking the time for reading my post. Any help would be very much appreciated. Information of Car: 2000 Pontiac Grand Am, 2.4L Engine, Automatic Trans, ~90,000mi (Engine Swap) Problem: My car is shaking whenever I accelerate fr 2000 Buick, How do I get to the Thermostat Housing Bolts? Re: [u] 2000 Buick Century 3.1L 120,000m [/u] [silver] - [/silver] I‘m having problems replacing the thermostat on my 2000 Buick Century. [silver] - [/silver] I can’t remove the Upper Bolt on the Thermostat Housing; I don’t know if it’s frozen in place 2000 Buick LeSabre sideview mirror replacement 2000 Buick LeSabre 3.8L engine 130k miles I bought this car in August of 2014, and on the driver's side mirror it seems to have water buildup behind the glass. It has been like this since before I bought it, so I'm not exactly sure what caused the water to bui 2000 Chevy s10 4x4, 4.3 engine, 195000 I am able to shift into 4h only when in park. When in drive, when i press the 4hi button nothing happens. Also, I have no vent controls. all positions go to the defrost and dash vents. No windows, locks, interior lights, dashboard lights, etc...No Idea 2008 Hyundai Sonata There are a bunch of electrical items not working. Power windows, locks, dashboard lights, interior lights, rear defrost and I'm sure some more. I checked one of the fuses under the hood and looked fine but I'm lost as to where to start. I Help with 1987 Chevy S10 Blazer Door Hinge Replacement 1987 Chevrolet S10 Blazer 4WD 2.8L Hi, Im somewhat mechanically inclined but I need some help removing this door hinge and replacing it. This is a picture of the passenger side, the driver's side is what needs replaced but I do not want to open the door becaus 2002 Isuzu 3.2V-6 P0154 and P0155 codes I am getting 2 oxygen sensor codes on my 2002 Isuzu Rodeo and need some help. I am getting 0155 and 0154 for bank 2 sensor 1. I replaced the O2 sensor and still get the codes. Cleared the PCM, swapped bank sensors and still get code so I am guessing this is wi oxygen sensor 2006 cobalt I had to replace the catalytic converter on my 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt. It is the LS version not the SS version. when I took off the old converter, the oxygen sensor was behind the converter. It was between the converter and the exhaust pipe. New converter I ins 1988 f-150 inline6,into 1992 f-150 302 I'm replacing 1992 f-150 4x4 302 a/c 4-speed w/od efi, with 1988 f-150 inline 6,rwd, no a/c,granny 4-speed,efi,engine. Also I'm using all harnesses,fuse box,computer,ect. Will I run into any major problems, went I go to turn key to start? (address removed) [:) help i can roll the windown up and down in my car with the key even putting the key in the egnition. it just started doing it. i installed new door speakers and then when i put my door panel back on i ended up with this problem volvo electrical problems- can anyone help? Howdy! I have a 1980 Volvo 240 series, standard,236,000 km, runs pretty well, but have had minor electrical problems, in the past, every 4-6 months the heater fan fuse would crash, and when replaced work for another 4-6 months. However we started having alot m