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1978 Ford F150 460 engine (Edelbrock Parts)

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New User

Sep 12, 2012, 5:54 PM

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1978 Ford F150 460 engine (Edelbrock Parts) Sign In

Ok i have removed all my parts before rotating the engine so the the distributor is facing the number one cylinder, so am I in big trouble for doing this....Frown

Ok so I have started to restore my first truck and I have some decent mechanic ability, and I want the enigine to have some great HP and performance to maybe drag race on the weekends and take it to shows and I am replacing these parts with part numbers hope this helps...

Having my D3VE A2A Heads new port work to compliment the new parts..
Edelbrock 7166 Intake Manifold
Edelbrock 750 Cfm 1411 Carb
Edelbrock 7830 Timming Chain
Edelbrock 7167 Camshaft
Edelbrocl 8366 water pump victor series
Edelbrock1726 Fuel Pump
Adjustable rocker arms by crane and trick flow (not purchased yet)
373 rear gear
and a new transmission by maybe Monster Transmissions (not purchased yet)
Headers (not purchased yet)
cherry bomb exhuast

Veteran / Moderator
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Sep 12, 2012, 8:28 PM

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Re: 1978 Ford F150 460 engine (Edelbrock Parts) Sign In

Sounds like its going to be able to lay down some power when its finished but I'm a bit confused to what your question is here. I hope you have rebuilt the short block before you put all these parts on. You need the right compression ratio to work with your cam specs and throwing a bunch of speed parts into an old used motor, especially a low-compression smog-era pig, will blow the bottom end out fast. Make sure your rear end is up to the challenge. I don't know what rear you're running or what tire size, but 3.73 might be a bit high especially for the strip. Would also think about how your going to get that power to hook off the line at the strip. You're going to have crazy axlewrap with the leaf springs themselves. Slapper bars at minimum, the slick setup would be a triangulated 4-link but obviously not quite the cheapest.

You're putting some pretty good money into this engine to make it go faster. You need to pay equal attention to saftey. I would throw out every single steering and suspension bushing and joint. Tie rods, ball joints, bushings and all. Some of it may well be original still and others a decade old or better. You also need to upgrade those brakes. Trucks weren't made to hit the strip in 78. Its not going to be cheap but there's no sense in going fast through the 1/4 mile if you can't stop after it. Total the truck and all the money and time you have in it are shot anyhow, possible taking you down with it too.

Good luck on the project.

Tom Greenleaf
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Sep 13, 2012, 4:04 AM

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Re: 1978 Ford F150 460 engine (Edelbrock Parts) Sign In

?460s as huge as they are don't make good dragster engines. Strong on torque but so de-tuned by 1978 they were dogs and just fuel pigs. When FORD wanted to make unreal HP and road burners two famous blocks were 427 "R" code and the 351C (was a big block) and some 390s, 429CJs.

Do what you want but I think you'll be disappointed with the 460 for drag strip vs some others even small blocks,


Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Sep 13, 2012, 6:54 PM

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Re: 1978 Ford F150 460 engine (Edelbrock Parts) Sign In

Should be fun to drive with no weight in the ass end.

It should go from zero to gas station in 5 seconds.

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