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Don't know what to do now

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Dec 14, 2009, 10:00 AM

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Don't know what to do now Sign In

i have a 92 Chevrolet s10 it is running ruff . and if you hold the gas to the floor it will not go .if you push on the gas it act like it wants to die if you back off it will take off . I have done. fuel pump ,flue pump relay, filters , all the fuse , all the sinners , rebuilt the TBI, new erg, EVRV,distributor cap and rotter , all the plus and wires ,oil and filters ,map sinner ,neutral safety switch . exhaust all new . now i now have no idea still running ruff , filing out plus and if you give gas it will not stay running . i drove it all day yesterday. got up started the truck let it heat up took my kids to school as they where get out of the truck it died. it took me 30 to 45 min for it to start aging . Help

Loren Champlain Sr
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Dec 14, 2009, 8:05 PM

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Re: Don't know what to do now Sign In

Warden; Rather cryptic information, but could be that it is running too rich? Check CTS (coolant temp sensor). These vehicles are known for faulty thermostats (engine not getting hot enough). Check the coolant level, check the oil for
fuel smell and viscosity. If it smells like gas, and looks and feels thin, be sure to change it. Look at the spark plugs. Are they black and sooty? Or wet with fuel?
SW Washington

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Dec 15, 2009, 4:27 PM

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Re: Don't know what to do now Sign In

You can also check the compression across the board. Your timing chain could have jumped time. Also, I have seen faulty ignition modules and ignition pick-ups wreak havoc and give major driveability problems.
A quick way to find out on the chain is this, remove #1 cylinder spark plug. Disable the ignition coil. Insert your finger into the spark plug hole and have an assistant BUMP the engine over. When the compression blows your finger out of the hole, rotate the crank pulley to 0* tdc. Remove the distributor cap, if the rotor is pointing at #1 cylinder on the cap the chain didn't jump. If the rotor is pointing to any other cylinder, the chain jumped time.


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