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Chugging on 1998 Chevy C2500 5.7L

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Nov 11, 2012, 8:35 AM

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Chugging on 1998 Chevy C2500 5.7L Sign In

I have 1998 C2500 5.7L Chevy Pick-up. When I start it up it runs very rough and will not hardly move for about one to two minutes (seems like it is choking on too much or too little gas) then it kicks in and runs – it doesn’t matter if the engine is hot or cold – same thing. Also, sometimes when taking off from a stop it chugs until it hits approximately 10-15 miles per hour – same kind of choking but to a lesser extent – other times it is snappy as can be. The Service Engine light has recently came on a stayed lit and the guys from Jiffy lube say there is no reading coming from either O2 valve. The chugging was occurring before the Service Engine Light stayed on. Also, when you push it so the RPM exceed 2,500 - 3,000 RPM’s it does the chugging and won’t stop chugging until you turn the ignition off and then turn it back on. The car has a minor oil leak around the engine gasket, but loses very little oil.

What is the fix for the chugging. It is a great truck and only has 134,000 miles on it. I feel I should get at least another 100,000 miles out of it if I can get the chugging problem fixed.

Tom Greenleaf
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Nov 11, 2012, 9:37 AM

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Re: Chugging on 1998 Chevy C2500 5.7L Sign In

Check engine light is on and something is there to see not sure why Jiffy Lube could only tell you there was no reading coming from O2 sensors - wrong place then for code readings.

Engine gasket leaks? What does that mean? Which one where but probably not the immediate problem.

Get real code reading. Check fuel pressure and that it holds. Vortec should be 60-66 psi KOEO, KOER really wants to stay in that range.

If you allow this to run rough to long you'll get the shock of your life at the cost of converter, possible all O2 sensors and the over a grand pipe they are in may not cooperate or damage from just replacing them.

Toss fuel filter just because on this and many like it they get stuck and break if left too long and IMO too small for the fuel that goes thru them over some miles.

Sounds like you aren't going to do this and need to find a shop that can. Read codes, find and fix reason, find where oil leak is and fix it. Perhaps convenient oil change places are not for this vehicle IMO. Plenty of grease fittings, gear cases should be checked so not as fast to do it all as you might think.

134k is fine with meticulous care will go more. How much or many miles is always an unknown but without proper care it will get too expensive to get the next 100k,


Hammer Time
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Nov 11, 2012, 10:44 AM

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Re: Chugging on 1998 Chevy C2500 5.7L Sign In

Definitely get the codes read and post the numbers here and a fuel pressure reading in the morning when this is happening is very important also.


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