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93 chevy suburban 2wd keeps dying

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Jul 16, 2010, 7:53 PM

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93 chevy suburban 2wd keeps dying Sign In

i got a 93 chevy suburban 2wd that im driving down the road and it just dies. i can let it sit for a while and it usually starrts back up. i changed the fuel pump and filter and its still doing it. it had some bad gas in it too. water was beading up on the walls of the throttle body. anyway when it dies i can crank it over and get nothing. i pulled the plugwire to see if i was getting fire and it was, but today i noticed that it wasnt getting any fuel injected into it. but when i let it sit and tried it again i saw that fuel started spraying and it fired right up but would die shortly after. im not sure what to do next. is there another filter near the throttle body or is there a sensor that could be bad?? any help is appreciated.. thanks

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