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2006 silverado, 2WD dies while running.

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Oct 6, 2012, 12:00 PM

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2006 silverado, 2WD dies while running. Sign In

I have a 2006 1/2 ton silverado, 5.3, 118000 miles. The truck will be running fine and then dies as if you shut the key off. Somtimes it will start right back up, other times it won't until you wait a few minutes. The motor spins fine but doesn't try to fire. I took it to the dealer (when it was running) everything checked out fine, no codes, good fuel pressure, good wiring, everything electric checked out good, their high dollar scanner found nothing wrong. It never died while they had it in the shop so it was hard for them to duplicate the problem..... they gave up. Truck starts and runs fine right now but you never know when it is going to just quit. Any one have any ideas? Thanks.

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Oct 6, 2012, 12:15 PM

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Re: 2006 silverado, 2WD dies while running. Sign In

Unfortunately, you have one of the hardest drive-ability problems to figure out (intermittent stalling no start). It comes in second place with 1st being intermittent stall restart. Just the word intermittent strikes fear into any drive-ability tech. Just like you typed the key to finding out what is missing is when it doesn't want to start. It is also important to give them the conditions in which the problem occurred. Such as speed, gear, environmental conditions, engine temperature, how long you were driving. With that information they might be able to set the conditions for which the problem shows up.

About really all you can do is leave it with them to see if they can duplicate your concern. Since it is a no start for a certain period of time, hopefully long enough, they might be able to see what is missing. Other than that your guess is as good as ours.

Since we volunteer our time and knowledge, we ask for you to please follow up when a problem is resolved.

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Oct 8, 2012, 10:12 AM

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Re: 2006 silverado, 2WD dies while running. Sign In

Truck hasn't died since my first posting, did some research and since it's not registering any codes (sensor problem) and all the wiring etc looks perfect, I changed the ignition switch today. Waiting for the next time it dies.........

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