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1995 s-10, power loss/miss issue resurfaced

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Mar 7, 2015, 1:42 PM

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  post locked   1995 s-10, power loss/miss issue resurfaced  

i posted back in september last year with this same issue. Truck is an s-10 4.3 TBI, currently 144,000 miles.

my trouble happened on and off since i bought the truck used(123,000), for a day or two it would loose power under acceleration, or would loose power under steady throttle input. For example if i shifted from 1st to 2nd(manual trans) and held throttle steady, after a couple seconds, the truck would stutter, shake and loose never backfired, popped, jerked or jumped, just slowly lost power.
If i let off throttle, and re-apply, it will accelerate for the same couple seconds, and then falter.(if you go back to original thread, the O2 sensor came up in discussion, i found an exhaust leak nearby and fixed it, problem went away...but its done that before)

big difference is the truck has done this a total of 5 times since ive owned it, every time before after a day of driving(20-30 miles) it cleared up, now it has not quit, going on a week of symptoms.
Unlike before, even just a day of driving the truck in this condition, its using a ton of gas.

I am planning on changing the plugs just for the heck of it, it has new wires, dist. cap and button less than 20,000 ago.

also let me clarify, i dont have a fuel pressure gauge, or compression gauge, i know that would help immensely, i do have a friend who has the scanner (evidently its a special hybrid dohickey) that can run codes on this engine, when i get those results, i will let you know the findings.

Until then, your expert thoughts are appreciated. Local guru's have mentioned a sensor that might be causing the problem, enough of them to cause me to order said sensor, i wont mention its name, in effort to see if their thoughts are inline with yours.

Also, unlike alot of folks who are unaware, oblivious, or could care generation were gearheads, we did alot of things with small block engines, repaired them, made them faster...but the modern advances in engines and technology left me and my generation sitting in the dust, and looking like idiots in a field we were very experienced...what im trying to say, i really appreciate the knowledge available here. I know how much wisdom and knowledge cost, and i for one appreciate it. (i know what points are...does that date me?)

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Mar 7, 2015, 3:18 PM

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  post locked   Re: 1995 s-10, power loss/miss issue resurfaced  

Went ahead and unlocked your old thread. You can continue in there. Thank you Wink;t=search_engine

Since we volunteer our time and knowledge, we ask for you to please follow up when a problem is resolved.

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