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1989 Ford f-150 manual transmission power loss

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Apr 24, 2012, 8:10 PM

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1989 Ford f-150 manual transmission power loss Sign In

sorry this is soo long but I'm trying to be through as to give all the facts I know to help you better help me

my car : 1989 Ford F-150 w/ manual transmission and straight six motor

So one morning went to start the truck and ignition keeps spinning (will rotate 360 and keep going). the ignition stays in the state as if the key was in and turned on (radio and dash lights stay on) even with no key. So this means that I can't turn on or off the truck. Since it's a manual trans I can just "pop start" it on downhill or use screwdriver on starter solenoid when in neutral. To shut truck down I was simply releasing the clutch when in gear to cause it to stall. That day I was using truck for heavy hauling with no problems. The next morning (with heavy load still in truck) it was experiencing great power loss and I found that I would rev the engine high (engine sounds great) but wasn't getting the velocity as normal and had to wait longer than usual in shifting gears, also "pop starting" was not working. After about 30 minutes of drive time and several starts and stops I tried to stall out the truck (only way to shut down) and it won't stall (tried every gear even reverse), worse more now even further power loss. So I unplugged the connector to the distributor cap to shut down.

So to summarize, truck won't turn off and great power loss w/ faulty ignition. I think maybe it's a clutch issue, o'' one more thing, I can get extra power by tapping the clutch while driving in any gear.

any help with the issues would be great, I'm first going to fix the ignition problem and see where that takes me.

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Apr 24, 2012, 8:40 PM

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Re: 1989 Ford f-150 manual transmission power loss Sign In

Your low power issue sounds like clutch slippage due to a bad master/slave compensating port or sticking slave. The lock cylinder issue was a very common thing, so common that the little pot metal piece conncting the ignition tumbler to the rod going into the ignition switch further down the column usually is in stock a all Ford dealers. Its less than $20 for the last one I got. You have to have a steering wheel puller to do the job, but its not too bad. If you don't much care for the looks of the truck and its a beater you can bust off the trim panel on the column right where it is near the instrument cluster and on top on the column is a steel rod. Grab it with pliers and you will be able to push down to start or pull up to shut down. Had this same truck when I was 17 and found out that when stranded 150 miles from home. Don't forget to keep pliers in the truck.

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