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1983 Ford E350 dual fuel pumps and Tanks

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Points & Condenser

Jul 15, 2011, 9:04 AM

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1983 Ford E350 dual fuel pumps and Tanks Sign In

1983 Ford Box Truck E350 with a 7.5 Gas engine Dual Fuel Tanks and Pumps with a selector switch in the cab. This same system was probably used in later years also.

I have two problems my rear Gas Tank keeps pumping out into my front tank and will over flow if the front tank can't hold it all. I was thinking that there is a directional check valve not holding/closing, or the rubber seals on my gas caps are not holding the fuel from entering the front tank. (I'm not sure) and If there is a check valve, where is it located?
Second problem neither of the tanks are registering fuel on the gauge, either switch position reads empty. I bought this truck used and all was working then, It sat for a while in between uses and now have these problems. It looks like there has been a fair amount of rigging both in wiring, hoses, fuel pumps and filters all mounted to the main chassis on the drivers side before the first gas tank. Is there a wiring diagram for the externally mounted fuel pumps and fuel gauges. Should I gut all the hoses and start over? Is there a chance that I would have to drop the tanks and pull the sensors (big Job) I was under the truck today and apparently it must of been a two pipe system because I found return hoses going into the tanks that were plugged with Bolts. I was hoping that someone could give me some advice by now but tomorrow I think I will pull the rear tank and inspect every part of it.

UPDATE: I pulled the Tank and it was full of rust, sludge and the old gas was like varnish. The sender unit was rusted stuck and the float had a leak and was half full of gas. I couldn't get a new tank quickly so I got mine boiled out and plastic lined inside by a Radiator shop. I was able to fix the sender and the ohm readings matched the specs. at different levels of fuel, I'm pretty sure that will work now. I used some JB Weld on the float and submerged it in liquid without leaking. Basically have to re-install everything and all should be alright. I'm only going to run a single tank now because the aux tank is probably just as bad inside. I may pull it just to see. I hope this is the end of this nightmare.

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1983 Ford E350 dual fuel pumps and Tanks

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