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1981 Ford Courier fluid mix up

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Jun 23, 2008, 10:23 AM

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1981 FORD COURIER L4 2.3 Liter 2BBL

My kid put regular motor oil in the brake fluid. About 2.5oz of oil went in to the system and it was driven for about 20 miles before I caught it and parked it.

Question is: Can I get away with flushing the system as opposed to going through it and replacing all the hoses, gaskets, and seals.


Tom Greenleaf
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Jun 23, 2008, 12:04 PM

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Re: 1981 Ford Courier fluid mix up Sign In

This is serious! With any luck the oil is floating on top of the brake fluid and has stayed away from rubber parts. Brake fluid is rubber friendly and any oil is not and will quickly swell up the rubber parts - could do it to many or all of them!!!!

Take the fluid out from the top with a turkey baster and I'd put it in glass. Perhaps you can see oil on top and some brake fluid on bottom as a good sign it didn't go all the way along thru hydraulics. There's a metering valve, flex hoses, caliper's inside ring, and wheel cylinders involved and of course the master cylinder.

Take out what's up top now - stop reading this and go...............

Ok - you're back. What did you find? If emptied and refilled with brake fluid oil left may rise to top again - that's trouble. Bleed it thru extensively till just pure brake fluid.

Any sign of a soft pedal beginning means action at once to replace all the rubber parts involved IMO but you might get lucky.

Perhaps first sign of trouble would be the rubber seal of the master cylinder cap itself swelling. If in any doubt that it's all clean and clear and that oil didn't get beyond the master cylinder's reservoir have it professionally checked out and replace items suggested.

This has the potential for loss of braking action and maybe by surprise. Tend to this at once.

Ps: Don't use the turkey baster for food again! Toss it or mark it well as a shop tool only!


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