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Info on ? floorboard electronics in 93 Daytona Iroc, and 1/2 inch flood water in back floorboard

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Anonymous Poster

Oct 11, 2008, 12:48 AM

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Info on ? floorboard electronics in 93 Daytona Iroc, and 1/2 inch flood water in back floorboard Sign In

I have a 93 Daytona Iroc. Seems to me the rear floor board sets deeper than the front. It was parked in front of my home and a flood surge( I live fairly close ( couple of miles) from a salt water ) went in from water raising in the front yard, which I assume picked up some salt water and other nasty from the storm surge , and you could see 1/2 inch of water in the rear floor board, and the front board looked damp. The seats did not get wet at all. We vacuumed the water out within 48 hours, removed mats and opened doors. Closed overnight, in case of rain, and opened the next day again.
So I want to know where the electronics are located . I hoped my mechanic to flush the under carriage and if necessary remove carpet and clean out electrical...but I have no option for that , because the insurance company told me it is totaled because there is a zero water in the car tolerance and it will be turned into the state as a flooded car and I will not be able to set it registered and can not drive it because it can be subject to failure or fire.
Is this true ? Do I have ANY recourse? It only had 50,000 miles on it , but it over heated and I put a new engine in it and it only has 200 miles on the new engine. I LOVE THIS CAR. It is paid for, it looks great inside, and I love the look of the car . I wanted to have it repainted (though it still looks pretty good) and had bought new decals.
I could never get a car like this, in that condition. Besides I love the way it looks. I am the original owner and lived right down the street from my job for years, and never drove long distances, and rode with my husband in his car when we went places together This is why it is so low mileage.
Any advice ? Can I take it to a different insurance company for another opinion ? They told me that once I had initiated a claim , they had to turn it into the state as flooded. I asked if I could revoke the claim, I understand if they want to say somewhere that I can not sell it, and I do not care, because I do not want to sell it... but that because they turn it in I can not drive it because I will not be permitted to get a state registration because it is marked as flooded and hence undriveable. This is very hard for me, I LOVE this car.It is paid for, it looks sharp, and I can not stand the though of them driving it off and dismantling it for parts, and giving me a few dollars in exchange.
IF there is real concern of damage, this happened a month ago now. It drives well . I understand about corrosion, but wonder if it can still be cleaned at this point still, if it even got any damage. Maybe this is just wishful thinking , but I need to have some input. The adjuster has called to give me the bad news, they are indeed totalling it and the same info the drive through claim person assessed it from what I told him my story.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Oct 11, 2008, 1:42 AM

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Re: Info on ? floorboard electronics in 93 Daytona Iroc, and 1/2 inch flood water in back floorboard Sign In

Flood damage should total a car at some point. You said you found water inside so if it stopped at just the floor boards it's bad enough and if much more than that it's over.

Settle up with ins for full replacement of the car as it was.

Note: If salt water submerged it will be a horror show in the future. Fresh would be tons better and either depends how deep it really got if known. Parts are somewhat designed to tolerate spay and moisture but not submersion. Electical motors, sensors, bearings, brake parts on the lower sides will probably fail if submerged even if not right now it's likely to have problems,


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