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Ice fishing

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Veteran / Moderator
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Jan 15, 2006, 4:39 PM

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Ice fishing Sign In

I just got back from an Ice fishing trip up to Lake Simcoe and thought I share a couple of pictures. Had a great time spending some time with a couple of my brothers and we actually caught some nice Perch.
The ice conditions where a bit of a concern with all this warmer then normal weather but once we arrived at the hut rental outfit he assured us that “we weren’t going swimming”.
He loaded us in the bombardier and off we went for about a 15 minute ride, three miles out on the ice, where his huts were.

There was about a ¼ inch of water on top of the ice but a solid12 inches of ice under that; believe me that was the first thing I checked. LOL

The fishing huts themselves were all ready for us heat on, holes dug and the bait in the bucket.

The fishing was a little slow in the morning but by 2 in the afternoon the Perch had found us. Here’s my brother setting the hook and landing one of the better ones.

By the end of the day we probably caught well over 2 hundred of them but only kept what we thought was good table fair or what was hooked to deep to be able to survive.

Like I said; just thought I would share, hopefully there are no PETA people here to offend; if so to bad the fish tasted great. LOL

Canadian "EH"

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Jan 15, 2006, 8:16 PM

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Re: Ice fishing Sign In

Great pics Dan and story of what must have been a blast. My New Year's resolution is to get a digital camera and know how to use it and get pics into my computer. I know you can get regular cameras to give you things that can do it - I just have to learn that stuff.

We have a neat lake in New England - Winnepesauki (sp?) in New Hampshire where year round sports are the rule. Family used to own waterfront property on an island there. It's no doubt the largest lake in New England with at least a 28 mile basin for waves to be hazzard and I've been there when they were.

It's noted for ice fishing too, much is in Wolfborough but it is all over the lake. I've driven out as they open the boat ramps for access AYOR, but most years it's safe. The cottage we had was owned by Great and Great-Great Aunts and Uncles of mine now long gone. Had an offer for FREE waterfront there once and turned it down due to nasty taxes to just have it.

This year has been tricky with ice safety. Was dang cold here for a while then warmer than normal.?? It's only 9F as I type but yesturday was 55F - so go figure!

The ocean here can freeze but is only annoying and never safe. Doesn't do that often at all.

Thanks Dan for sharing the experience, T


Jan 25, 2006, 1:33 PM

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Re: Ice fishing Sign In

Dan looked liked you had alot of fun on the trip. I would have been a bit nervous as well going on a lake that looked like the ice was melting lol.

As with the fish, I feel as long as you eat the fish then they served a cause. Just don't agree with "Game" people that do it just to kill. I once went on a trip and ended up taking home about 10 lbs of flounder. I ate soo much flounder in that week, I haven't had it since lol.

Tom as with the camera, we use a nice sony camera that was about $200 to take our car pictures with I'm going to upgrade this year so we can use it to attach to a new telescope I just got.

But, in todays world getting the digital pictures from your camera to your computer is very easy. I use and love this free program from google. Once installed it can detect when you hook up your camera, and it will start to download the pictures for you into nice neat albums. Then it even asks you if you would like to delete the pictures from your camera.

It also enables you to email pictures right from the software as well as create slideshow cds, to give to friends and family. I could help you out with all of this.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Jan 25, 2006, 2:33 PM

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Re: Ice fishing Sign In

Hi and smile. I just recently fell down a whole flight of stairs shoveling snow off my deck and am sore all over. To be more of an ass I agreed to take in a college student for four days. I'm sure all will be fine. I possess this insane trust in the goodness of people and really want to live that way, T

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