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Automotive Site Link repair

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New User
carmallguy profile image

Dec 7, 2006, 9:29 AM

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Automotive Site Link repair Sign In

This is a message to the site owners and webmaster.

Your link area made it clear the a reciprical link was not required.

I paid you for a Life time link at the cost of $20.00

Please fix this, for or send back the money it is up to you. Your site says that links will be placed in 48 hours after payment.

This is off the paypal invoice.

Item Amount:
$20.00 USD Shipping:
$0.00 USD Handling:
$0.00 USD Quantity:
1 Item Title:
Search Car Information on Used Cars and Automotive History link submission (Lifetime) Invoice ID:
b60561f1aec4e9de Date:
Dec. 3, 2006 Time:
01:32:20 PST Status:
Completed Shipping Address:
No Address Provided

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
Tom Greenleaf profile image

Dec 7, 2006, 11:14 AM

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Re: Automotive Site Link repair Sign In


If you are having a problem with anything here and it's not solved yet try a direct hit on CarJunky -- just find a post by them as they are the owners of the site and click on their name which should get you in direct contact.

I don't own this site but if you are having troubles I'll do what I can to get the right folks informed.

It's not a good excuse but this site is growing like a weed and is full of good people and I try to read every post and it's getting tough. There are moderators to help out as best we can. Hit back if still having troubles, T

New User
carmallguy profile image

Dec 8, 2006, 11:53 AM

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Re: Automotive Site Link repair Sign In

I sent a private message like you said still no reply. I email them at both email addresses still no reply.

So way happen to the money I don't know I guess "CarJunky" ripped me off.

I wonder if their sponsors approve of CarJunky ripping people off.

This is Very Disappointing


Dec 8, 2006, 5:06 PM

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Re: Automotive Site Link repair Sign In

No Carjunky did not rip you off.

We had an issue with a virus on the machine that we use to make the updates to the server, so we didn't do ANYTHING until we were sure that the virus was cleared.

his site has been in the database since 24-hours after the payment.
(actually at this time 7:16Pm EST his site is down)

We have refund his money as well as removing his link.

Next time I would consider waiting a little longer before you start bashing sites, sometimes it takes a little while to answer 100's of emails.

New User
carmallguy profile image

Dec 8, 2006, 5:19 PM

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Re: Automotive Site Link repair Sign In

All you had to do is reply and tell me that you had a technical problem. You chose not to, this is not my fault and you have some nerve coming off like I am the bad here.

I sent 4 emails to you, I also sent you a pm you did not answer any of them. Thats your fault an answer here in this forum would have been simple enough, before it got to this point.

Thank you
Have a nice day


Dec 9, 2006, 12:04 AM

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Re: Automotive Site Link repair Sign In

You paid for the link on sunday 12-3-2006... less then 5 days ago, and you started to say we ripped you off yesterday. We replied to your email this morning, then I saw your PM tonight.... because we where working on the other issue all week.

Its been 3 days, what it really sounds like is you bought the link to try and raise your google pr and your upset that we didn't skip over the other 100's of emails we get daily to find yours. I'm sorry but other issues are more important then adding a link for someone trying to boost their silly green google power bar.

Sometimes people have real problems like their only car is broke and they need help asap so they can go to work and pay the bills, that to us is an important issue.

Making sure we don't take down the whole site due to a virus is another more important issue.

By the way this has happened before, and we only charge the $20 because we know for sure those are real sites, and it makes listing them a lot easier for us to approve them, because we consider a now automotive site that tries to get into the directory as a donation. This way we can add new features that people will enjoy.

New User
carmallguy profile image

Dec 9, 2006, 2:00 AM

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Re: Automotive Site Link repair Sign In

Ok you got me, I want to boost my ranks for my site - that is the perpose or links!

Please explain this! this is what is onn your site. I have been burned buy other sites claiming to give links for money. So when you say what you said below I take you for your word.

There was never a link to on your site I checked every day from 5th to the 8th and I emailed you. I was not rude to you.

This is from your own site. So dont bs me and every one else here you screwed up and all you had to do was reply.

You have the option of paying to have your link displayed at the top of this category. Choose a payment selection listed below, or choose to submit it as a free link, and click "Next".

Free Links
Will take a bit of time to be added. Within 7-10 months due to the amount of requests.

Express Submit
"LifeTime" link will be added within 2 Business Days. (mostly 48 hours)

Single Payment:
$20.00 : Lifetime
No thanks, submit this as a free link

There is nothing here about a donation.


Dec 10, 2006, 1:46 AM

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Re: Automotive Site Link repair Sign In

we didn't add you site on the html page because of the virus on the update copmputer, hench this carjunky account didn't post all week here.

Secondly we did add it to the database on sunday actually.

check out the add date.

any way i'm considering this closed. next time, wait for a reply to the email before you try and bash a site that you want to link to you. And a day or two is not waiting.... 2 weeks or more on a busy site is waiting too long. Then you should complain

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