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1982 Oldsmobile '98 Broken Strut Mount and Shady Mechanics

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New User

Dec 16, 2013, 8:38 PM

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1982 Oldsmobile '98 Broken Strut Mount and Shady Mechanics Sign In

Thursday morning I took my car in to replace a brake line. I had to take my 82 Olds 98 to an unfamiliar shop since I recently moved 700 miles away from my hometown. Anyways it took them until close on monday to allow me to get my car back. when I got there I noticed my front left drivers side strutt mount hanging, broken. they told me about it when I got inside. I was in a hurry and had to pay and leave. they acted as if it was broken when I brought it in to them but Im quite positive it wasnt-- I would have noticed it hanging, especially since I noticed as soon as I pulled into the parking lot today. i wejt tp the store and was backing out of my parking space and kept going in reverse but my wheel locked up once I had turned it so I shut off my car, repositioned the wheel and backed out as usual. but that has never happened before-- is it a result of the broken strutt? and how should I deal with this with those shady ass lying mechanics? Mind you, Im an 18 year old girl far away from home all by myself and most mechanics would see me as someone to take advantage of.

edit:: Also, I have talked to them multiple times since I dropped my old girl off and they never mentioned a broken strutt until today. thats more evidence that it broke at the shop.... i drove past multiple times todayband saw her hoisted up, hoisted down, up and down again. i think thats probably when it happened. am i stupid for being suspicious of them?

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Veteran / Moderator
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Dec 16, 2013, 9:13 PM

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Re: 1982 Oldsmobile '98 Broken Strut Mount and Shady Mechanics Sign In

1st you have to realize that the majority of shops & techs are honest and don't prey upon unsuspecting people.....BUT.....this biz is just like any other one with humans involved so,,yea there are some bad people & shops out there.......The good news's not as bad as you think....

Ok on to your car & problem.....Were are dealing with a 31 year old car....This is about the same as doing surgery on a 70 year old man,,,,it has to be done but it's high risk....

If something on your car breaks, this doesn't automatically mean it's the shop or techs fault....Raising your car on a hoist could have very well been the last straw of stress that broke that mount. If this was the case, then you probably should've been called when it happen and given some options but it doesn't mean they didn't anything wrong....

Things break or stop working all on there own....Your car starts, you go to the store, come out and now it doesn't start.......since no one else was driving don't blame anyone & fix it......When something breaks.......When it breaks at the shop....that's when it's a problem.....I've seen situations like this lots of times before......While not common..It's not as rare as you would think either

I can't speak for this shop.....most of the shops I've worked at they handle it the same way......If whatever got broken was due to tech error, the tech gets chewed out & the shop eats the repair....If the problem happened all on it's own then the shop will try to work something out with the customer,,,,Usually just charging their cost on the parts & install it for free.....

All shops are different.......From your desrciption & age of the vehicle, it really sounds like this mount broke when the car was lifted and that isn't the shops fault.

Tom Greenleaf
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Dec 16, 2013, 11:21 PM

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Re: 1982 Oldsmobile '98 Broken Strut Mount and Shady Mechanics Sign In

What did you bring the car in for?
This car doesn't have struts as we know them. Upper and lower control arms, coil spring with a shock absorber in the center, a sway bar. Not sure what made wheel lock up?

Gotta find out what is really hanging down that is seen and what it is,


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