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just some advice

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Jun 28, 2015, 3:04 AM

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Hello all,

Just wanted some advice really.
My mother in law brought a vauxhall zafira 54 plate.
86k miles
The car drives lovely no issues we only had car for about 18 days now. It was brought from a private seller who represents a company.

The engine management light came on although the car had been MOT  before sold.

I decided to take to vauxhall dealership for a once over anz they quoted £1100 for fixing everything? Thats as much as the car.

Main issues

Catalyst convertor broken

Rear shock leaks ( causing some squeaky sound from back wheel)

Front headlamp the plastic holder has snapped that holds it to the main frame of the car.

Possible leak in radiator but unsure about this as the radiator looks new.

The bit that is annoying me and has me mystified is back in 2013 i have got paperwork showing previous owner took car to vauxhall and paid £180 for a code P0170 (lean exhausted mixture stored caused exhaust blow) all of this was removed and replaced.  plus other stuff totalling £573 in total.

Since this was changed the car has done only 10k miles

When we took the car to vauxhall the same code came up again and i said cant be??? Which made me question the entire service with problems totalling £1100.

The person who sold the car has come down and said yes the catayst has come up on his computer thing and he will provide me with this if i want to get it sorted by my own mechanic.

My question was can i challenge this with vauxhall as it seems rather strange. Please let me know what would be best to do.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Jun 28, 2015, 4:18 AM

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The time to check a vehicle is BEFORE it is purchased not after or know the sale includes a credible warranty to make it all right as terms of the sale (if any) included anything.

If not it's really all on the buyer. If not happy with finding by a dealer and you like an independent person or shop go that way.

Also, if car is in too much need for real check on your local rights to cancel the sale and start over again checking out a vehicle first by an independent shop or tech from the seller,


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