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Stressed Out about Buying that Used Car?

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Jun 12, 2008, 1:03 AM

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Stressed Out about Buying that Used Car? Sign In

We've all been there. Buying a car is stressful to begin with and if your buying used, you've got the worry of what is really wrong with this car.

Before you buy a used vehicle, it is a good idea to check the car history before you buy. A used car history report can tell you how many previous owners an vehicle had. If the number is high, then that isn’t a good sign. Especially if it is a newer model. The auto history can tell you if the car or truck has been in an accident, if there is frame damage or if it is a salvaged car. A history report can tell you if a car has ever been stolen. I know that I would want to know about that! By looking up the VIN number on a vehicle you are considering purchasing, you can find out if it has ever been used as a rental. Everybody knows that when you rent a car, you don’t treat it near as well as you do one that you own.

Always run a VIN number check from a reputable source such as CARFAX or AUTOCHECK before you buy. These companies have access to DMV records that can tell you a great deal about the auto purchase that you are contemplating.

It is easy to find a company that will run a used vehicle report. All you have to do is go to any search engine and type in a phrase such as: VIN check, vehicle history, used car history, lemon check, auto history and etc. Don’t be fooled by the FREE gimmicks that show up. They always lead to an order form where you have to buy the information that you are looking for. There is nothing wrong with that. Like I said, It is always a good idea to check the history of a car or truck before you buy.

There is one thing wrong with these reports. They don’t tell you the REAL reason a car was traded in.

In 2004, I went through the experience of buying a used car. It was a nightmare. You look up the history on a vehicle and it still doesn't tell you what you really want to know.

Things like, is the starter good, has there ever been sugar put in the gas tank, what is the REAL reason this car was traded in?

There isn't a site out there where you can go to look up a VIN number and get the real scoop. So, I created a website called Auto Vin Vent .

It is the home page that leads to a forum created for everyone to enter and search or add their vehicles and talk about their experience (good or bad) with their car or truck. Go there now and check it out at The more cars and trucks added the better it gets for everyone. It's free and anonymous.

Do you want to vent about that lemon you bought or sooth your conscious about the lemon you sold? Or maybe, you just want people to know that it was a great car, but you outgrew it.Auto Vin Vent is the place to let it out! And it's free (really).

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Jul 16, 2008, 3:27 PM

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Re: Stressed Out about Buying that Used Car? Sign In

I wanted to get the word out about this great tool that is available to people. It can be a nerve racking experience buying a used car. You don't know what problems you are buying along with the car. Vehicle History Reports don't tell you if you can rely on the vehicle to be road worthy.

AutoVinVent is a database that gives people a place to go to put info about a car or lookup info about a car that you won't find in a vehicle history report. There are a LOT of other things to look out for when purchasing a used vehicle. This database is a place to find out about the "other things".

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