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Shops in orlando/ kissimmee area. Need help finding a good one

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New User

Sep 27, 2012, 3:42 PM

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Shops in orlando/ kissimmee area. Need help finding a good one Sign In

Ok my name is jeffrey. I am 19. I am a graduate from Universal Technical institute. And i am trying to look for an internship in any kind of automotive repair shop in florida around the kissimme and orlando area. Im really trying to make a career out of this but apparently theres alot of buzz going around that ive heard from many dealerships that they dont hire uti students cuz they have a bad reputation. If i knew this from the begining i wouldve gone to a different school. Im stuck in a dead end job that i got by the help of uti (nothing related to what i was studying for) and unfortunately im not getting the practice i need to learn how to be a good mechanic, so i was wondering to see if anyone on here can help me out, anyone that knows of any good shops, wether its auto repair or performance. I would really appreciate the help. I really wanna move forward in this career. But the dealerships in orlando only want to offer me positions as porters and not lube techs so in the future i can be moved up to a line tech. If i get an internship and i learn how to become a good mechanic it will be an accomplishment for me and i will thank all of you in advance if you can help me out with this. Im really determined to learn but im tired of being shot down by dealerships because they see UTI in my application. So once again thank you in advance.

Hammer Time
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Sep 27, 2012, 4:24 PM

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Re: Shops in orlando/ kissimmee area. Need help finding a good one Sign In

You have the right idea but you are trying to do it at a time when jobs are in short supply and there are many highly experienced techs that have been laid off from dealerships. There are a lot of experienced people still looking for jobs so it kinda pushes the inexperienced ones back. Just keep trying and be willing to accept something that may not be exactly to your liking to get your foot in the door.


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Sep 27, 2012, 7:18 PM

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Re: Shops in orlando/ kissimmee area. Need help finding a good one Sign In

The good news is that things are slowly picking up . Dealers in my area are reporting sales are up. HT is correct tho . There are many gualified techs looking to get back on or increase their hours. Dont be afraid to take a lube tech or be a helper /parts gopher. Often the dealer/large shop will promote from inside before shopping around.


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Sep 27, 2012, 8:58 PM

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Re: Shops in orlando/ kissimmee area. Need help finding a good one Sign In

When I worked at a Mack dealership we had a guy who was in his senior year of high school get hired. He was planning to go to school for diesel after he graduated. He took a job as shop monkey. He ran for parts, took out the trash and we got him with us on projects where you needed an extra set of hands bit by bit. Even just holding down a clutch pedal or hitting the brakes when we checked lights. He worked for us after graduation whenever he was off school. He told us it really helped him understand the classroom stuff because he had seen it done and been a part of it. He's now still working at that dealership as a tech, and a good one at that.

You're right about the UTI rep. I've never seen a UTI, WyoTech or any of the other quickie schools graduate a competent tech yet. I'm not making a single judgement on you. Its just what I've seen. They advertise themselves as being able to make a master tech out of anyone in record time. Thats impossible. Classroom instruction is important to understand how things work, but you need to be under the supervision of a master tech in a real shop setting for several years to truly learn how to do this right. I see you're trying to find that. Good for you.

I think you need to approach shop owners of independant shops. Others here have their own views on that but I think you need to see more than just one car line early on to learn the differences. It gives you all sorts of different jobs to work with. Tell the shop owners right off the bat that you have some knowledge but need the experience and want to learn. Don't overstate your skills. They've heard that before. Tell them you aren't the UTI guys they've seen in the past and you want to be shown the right way to do things, and for their investment in you they will be repaid in your hard work for them. Be humble and willing to be that shop monkey. As the other guys get to know you that brings you into their circle of knowledge that you'll never find in any textbook, much like the mods on this site. We didn't overhaul engines right out of the womb. All of us started in this industry knowing very little but with a thirst for knowledge and a desire to be regarded as professionals. You have that desire and you can eventually be where we are now. Just change the way you're marketing yourself as you know you need to overcome the UTI stigma and dealers aren't as easy to get into as independant shops.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Sep 28, 2012, 5:34 AM

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Re: Shops in orlando/ kissimmee area. Need help finding a good one Sign In

JeffSTO529: My two cents. YOU are your own reputation or will be not the place you started from in the longer run. I suggest starting with the independents as well. The issues/repairs/service will be that shop not usually under the thumb of the vehicle maker.

The learning really begins in the real world. Take that "gopher" job if it comes up, work with the place and techs as it allows.

There should be a strong market for the service industries at large. Good luck. Go for it. You seem ambitious which is strongly in your favor. Someone or place is looking for you. Making that connection is the hard part,


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