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Olds Achieva brake issue!

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New User

Oct 15, 2006, 2:44 PM

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My mother has a 95 Achieva. She is experiencing a brake issue. She has ABS brakes. When you touch the brakes, they will throw you in the windshield. They stop SO sudden. Her driveway has a slight grade, if you touch the brakes, it will stop so sudden that the car slides. I watched her do it the other day and it seems that only the back wheels locked up. The thing is...this will only do it when the car is first started for the day. The rest of the day it is fine!!!!!! Any ideas?? Thanks!! Smile

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Oct 15, 2006, 4:08 PM

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Re: Olds Achieva brake issue! Sign In

Hi Pink! Cool Beans from Boston!! I have a 97 GM truck that does that even when garaged which it is and would if I couldn't handle it change the not worn linings -- they are drum rear brakes on mine and like new originals??

I think it's a moisture problem from various brands of linings for the brakes and even the car makers don't always use the same source for parts when new??

Dan here said he doesn't like getting too much into brakes and I agree with him. The advice I will give is if they are newer bring it up with the shop (they would or should love to know parts they sell aren't working properly) or the parts store if you did the job yourself.

When it comes to parts I have a great respect for the parts people and know them by name. Brand names I used to request they warn me are no longer are the best and they are almost always right.

If this is anyway a safety problem get it fixed! Green as in Tom GreenleafSmile

New User

Oct 15, 2006, 4:28 PM

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Re: Olds Achieva brake issue! Sign In

Hi Tom...thanks for taking the time to reply. My mom got this car about 3 years ago. I dont think she has had them changed since she has had it. This problem just started about 4 months ago. She took it to the garage and the mechanic said her brakes look fine. He seen no problem. I'm not sure why he DIDNT locate the problem, afterall, he is an ASE mechanic Crazy ! I worry about her driving the car like this, but I dont know what to do when a mechanic couldnt even pinpoint the problem. Why would it seem like only the back brakes are grabbing? When I watch, I can see the back wheels lock up immediately, but the front ones do not. I'm so glad I found this website today. I searched the web for help almost 4 hours before I finally found you. Needless to say...your now on top of my favorites list!!! Cool

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Oct 16, 2006, 3:24 AM

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Re: Olds Achieva brake issue! Sign In

Thanks for the kind words.

Comments: When I first got certified ASE was called NIASE (National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence) and they later shortened it.

There is a problem though. Passing the test means you can pass the test and that's about it. It's the best the public has right now. Two of the best mechanics I know are NOT ASE certified. They own a shop and take their time to find out and fix problems and you can't beat that.

As for the brakes which we are talking about: They used to have linings of all asbestos which is a good product but IS a carcenogen so there is a run away from it and some other products that work and I'm at a loss to say which ones are best.

That's why I mentioned the PARTS folks who have been a Godsend to me when problems came up and everything looks and was done right. It's dissapointing from my view to do everything right and a problem comes up!!


I'm retired but still get called on for help with nutty problemsCrazy all the time as I owned (still do) my own shop. Spent a lifetime doing the work and now spend too much time on the web trying to fix it all.

Hey Pink -- I've always had a whacked sense of humor but serious about cars. Brakes are a wicked safety issue and take care of the problems with techs but don't tell techs what the problem is but suggest what it might be. Your car is NOT in front of me.

I like your approach, Have fun at CarJunky and hope folks here can help, Green!

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