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HELP! 2001 Ford Focus ZX3, 4 cyl. 2.0, won't start!!!

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Jul 7, 2014, 3:47 AM

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I am beyond done. I've had this car literally 2 weeks, and have only driven it to work 3 times. And after saving up for 6 months to finally buy a car, I'm not very happy. I replaced the rear passenger wheel bearing. Then, on my way to work one morning, BAM! It started sputtering, then wouldn't accellerate when I stepped on it. The RPMs ran up, but nothing. Put the OEM tool on it, came back with a code that the cat was completely plugged. Had it replaced, BUT IT STILL WONT START!!!! So, I replaced the fuel filter and still nothing. It cranks and cranks but just refuses to start. It tried to start once or twice after I got the fuel fiter on, but it just won't turn over. So, I disconnected the outgoing line on the fuel filter and cranked it. Not even a drop of fuel came out and I don't hear the pump kick on when I turn the key, so I'm thinking it's the fuel pump. However, someone told me it could be the timing. I checked, and there is spark at the plugs, so I don't know what else it could be. I'm a chick that prefers her cars pre-1969, so I don't know where else to go with this god foresaken hell beast. lol I really appreciate any help I can get! Muah!

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Jul 7, 2014, 4:36 AM

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Re: HELP! 2001 Ford Focus ZX3, 4 cyl. 2.0, won't start!!! Sign In

I feel your frustration but you are making mistakes too. If RPMs went up but car didn't go faster it wasn't just a plugged cat converter. Codes tell of what circuit it sees and it ends there and YOU figure out why.

Bad luck and sorry for you. Too late but have potential cars checked out professionally prior to buying them - well worth the $$ at your expense but could have avoided lots of this.

Arggh. You don't seem to get any fuel in "prime" mode if that's how you checked with filter off so of course it wont start now. Doesn't mean fuel pump necessarily either.

Perhaps the best thing is to get this car fully diagnosed and decide on what you can do and what you let a shop do? Your call,


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