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Building A Little Car

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New User

May 15, 2007, 4:05 AM

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Building A Little Car Sign In

Hey Guys. I'm planning on building a simple, small car. Dimensions of, probably about 1.8m by 1.0m. Still to be worked out, but that will be sorted when all of the parts are ready. Just a small car that I can have some fun in. I already have one, it travels at approx 30km/h at top speed. I repaired it, only for my brother to mess it up completely, almost beyond repair, beyond worthy repairing anyway. It had a 2.2hp lawnmower engine.. but back to the one I'm planning on making.

I am told by my father who deals a lot with cars, all I need for it to actually run is:
  • Gearbox
  • Differential
  • Motor
He says I could work around having to use the gearbox too, but I'm not fussed. I want to create a decently working, manual little car.

Here's what I am looking for:
  • If you have any tips I could use in building the car.
  • If you know of anywhere I could get a good cheap motor 11hp or under (preferably about 5hp), under $250, keeping in mind, I live in Australia. Also any other parts.
  • If you have anything to add to the list of parts, and why.
Keep In Mind:
  • Manual
  • Very Small Car (Only For 1 Person), So Don't Post Any Ridiculously over sized Parts.
  • I am looking to keep the cost under $1000..
  • It is just for experience really, so yeah.
I'll post some pictures if this gets off the ground.

Anonymous Poster

Jan 4, 2009, 7:07 AM

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Re: Building A Little Car Sign In

Check out on the net
engines and wheels
You will find 62 chapters of about 15 pages each on building little cars. Mostly of the 1903 horseless carriage type. Some info on a more modern types. All of which is great reading.
Have fun.
Got one going myself with a second in mind.

New User

Apr 1, 2009, 3:41 PM

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Re: Building A Little Car Sign In

A friend of mine made a pretty good go kart for his kids that used an old wheelchair motor which actually turns out to be just a starter motor. The belts can be a bit hard to find. I don't know what it's top speed was but lets just say he had to put a governor on it to keep his kids safe. Governor or not it had a lot of torque. It could start on a very steep incline and pull itself and a 200+ lbs driver and it didn't feel like we were getting even close to pushing it's limits.

I think we just used a car battery to run it.

Starter motor + belt + battery = around $500. The rest could be home built for cheap.
Good luck, post back here when you've put something together.

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