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BEWARE: AutoPartsWarehouse.Com Ripped Me Off!

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Anonymous Poster

Jan 11, 2008, 5:08 PM

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BEWARE: AutoPartsWarehouse.Com Ripped Me Off! Sign In

If I had this information before hand I would have never done business with Auto Parts Warehouse, aka Parts Train; a company that has earned the distinction of the third lowest Better Business Bureau rating, ‘C’. I wish to simply provide my perspective to caution you against joining more than 570 victims of this company. Read on and beware:

I have had a terrible experience with your "sales/customer service department." I order a power steering pump and reservoir on Saturday Jan 5. I called the 1-800 to confirm my order because the merchant number I received after paying on the website did not match the confirmation number in my email. I then received an invoice in another email on Monday Jan 7. I called on Jan 7 at 9pm EST your 1-800 number due to the email to discuss the surprise shipping charges that were stated. I paid $90 for expedited shipping to Hawaii, just to read an email that states it will be 4-7 days after shipped to the CA warehouse and there would be additional shipping charges. After speaking to the representative, I was told there would be no extra charges for shipping; $90 would be all I would be charged for shipping. After resolving that issue, I asked when the item will be shipped and reminded the customer service rep that I live in Hawaii. He told me that I would receive UPS tracking number that evening via email. I still have not received any UPS tracking number through email. I was also told that my order would be here by Thursday Jan 10. On Tuesday Jan 8, I called the customer service line once again at 2045 EST and talked to a representative because I still had not received an email on the UPS tracking numbers. The customer service rep stated that I should receive the parts by Thursday Jan 10. On Wed Jan 9 at 2200 EST I called the customer service line, only to be hung up on, then I had to call back and I talked to Justine. I tried to explain the situation with her and explain I have received no status on my items. I explained to her that I have been calling for 2 days, and she stated that there was no log of my calls, so basically she called me a liar. She then proceeded to put me on hold for 15 minutes. She was extremely rude and seemed irritated. Only when she started to raise her voice and cut me off, I raised mine. She then informed me that the power steering pump was out of stock. I then told her I want to cancel my entire order because #1 I was not going to pay $90 for a reservoir to be shipped, and #2 a reservoir is no good without the pump. She told me to call back in 3 business days to see if my order can even be cancelled. I told her that I was not happy with this “solution” and she stated she was just sales and to call the customer service. So once again I called the 1-800 and pressed option 2 which says customer service. I called back and ended up talking to “Eddie”. I told him I wanted to speak to a customer service supervisor. He proceeded to argue with me and cut me off. I just wanted to talk to a customer service supervisor. He put me on hold for 5 minutes and told me the supervisor was on the phone. I stated that I would wait, and he said that it would be 5 minutes; I told him I would wait. He then said it was going to be over 5 minutes. I said I would still wait. Then he stated that I already talked to the supervisor and I asked him “what is your supervisor’s name?” He proceeded to cut me off, ask me questions like “was it a girl?”; “what was her name?”; and avoided my questions all together. I did not call to play games. I know who I talked to and I wanted to know the supervisor’s name. He said you talked to Justine, so apparently Justine was the “customer service” supervisor on duty. Then after the 20 minute conversation he finally told me that I needed to call customer service and that is what I was trying to do the whole time since Jan 5. He then told me that I would have to call back at 9am-5pm EST and talk to customer service. I asked him when it was discovered that the power steering pump was out of stock and he stated Monday Jan 7. I stated that not once did I ever receive this news. He told me to check my email. I have been doing so since I started business with this company. He proceeded to insult my intelligence and told me to check my Spam. I told him that this particular email does not have a spam folder and that I have never received an email except for the confirmation and the invoice. There was no problem with receiving the invoice, so why should there be a problem with any other emails from your company. So apparently all this time I was just talking to sales and never even made it to customer service. Never once in the teleprompt did it state that to actually reach customer service, call back at 9am-5pm EST. When I pressed the customer service option in the teleprompt, it just took me to sales.

I want this issue resolved IMMEDIATELY!!!!!. I have expended numerous hours and phone minutes trying to get answers to get the issue resolved.
I want my order cancelled completely and all money refunded IMMEDIATELY !!!!!, not in three business days to check on the status.

I will never do business with this company again and will forward my experience to caution others to NOT conduct business with you. I will be reporting your agency to the Better Business Bureau, which apparently is already aware of your company’s complaints. For your information, according to the Better Business Bureau, more than 570 complaints in the past 36 months have been filed from consumers that were dissatisfied with your company.

“We guarantee you get the right part fast and at the right price”

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