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93 pontiac trans am

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New User

Aug 13, 2009, 6:34 PM

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so im new here but i am just wondering if i could have some of you look at this car ad i found and tell me what you think, is it good, bad, anything. anything is apreciated.

93 pontiac trans am link below.

Double J
Veteran / Moderator
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Aug 14, 2009, 7:42 AM

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Re: 93 pontiac trans am Sign In

Just my opinion for what thats worth!

Steer Clear of this ...too much money,too much aftermarket stuff....and its been lowered 2 inches.Heck,these things came too low already from the factory....i would look for something better that still has its original setup....

See what all the OLD guys have to say...Cool

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Veteran / Moderator
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Aug 14, 2009, 2:10 PM

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Re: 93 pontiac trans am Sign In

In Reply To

See what all the OLD guys have to say...Cool

Uuuhhhhhhhh didn't you just give your opinion.........................LMAO Tongue

Mine is pretty much the same as DJ's. Just curious....why no mileage???? Must be high, if it was low that would be one of the 1st things in the add. Kelly blue book has that at $3500 US. I would also want to know the big one. Why's he sellilng it (this is where poker skills are huge). Lastly what ever car you decide on..... Have a shop give it a look over, this isn't going to tell you every little thing that is wrong or could possible go wrong but you would be suprised what big stuff comes up once it gets off the ground and an experienced eye looks at it.........

Once you buy it, it's yours, no do overs & hindsight is a perfect 20/20..... Couldn't tell you how many people I've seen that wished they'd spend the $100 to have someone look at it 1st......

New User

Aug 14, 2009, 8:57 PM

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Re: 93 pontiac trans am Sign In

Hey thanks,
i emailed him because when i called him it was hard to understand what he said because of his accent. :P
but he is selling because he bought a corvette and doesn't need two toys.
and all he said was "low milez"
and if i do get serious about it i deffinitly will pay the extra money to get it checked out.
but you guys dont think this is worth $6000? this is in canadian dollars keep in mind. which is about 5,500 USD. not a big difference but still might impact your opinion.

but i've been looking at camaros, firebirds, and trans ams, all from about 93-99 ish. trying to keep it below $6500 CAD (like 5900 or 6000 ish USD. and what caught my eye about this one was the flowmaster exhaust to make it sound nice. subwoofer ready, i like my bass but am not too knowlgeable on the wiring aspect and how to discreatly run the wires through my car. and the "5000 dollar custom kameloen paint job". the rims too but not too much.

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