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Subsidy for Electric Vehicles

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Apr 12, 2008, 4:10 AM

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Subsidy for Electric Vehicles Sign In

This post at autobloggreen ( talks about the possible subsidization of electric vehicles (which may include two wheelers and three wheelers as well) bought in India's capital city New Delhi. The post reports that "Other Indian cities already exempt BEVs from the road tax and some states exempt them from the VAT." The fun part of this is how the subsidy will be funded: diesel will be taxed so that EVs become cheaper!

This is a great green initiative from the government of India, and i wonder if it is possible for the US to emulate it?


Apr 18, 2008, 8:20 AM

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Re: Subsidy for Electric Vehicles Sign In

Another post at autobloggreen (
1#c11693108) talks about
"The Region of Cantabria, Spain, has announced a plan for companies to
switch from gasoline motorbikes to electric units. The plan, called
BioBike, is aimed to business which use motorbikes for pizza, courier
and postal deliveries as well as police patrols. The Government will
give tax exemptions as well as direct subsidies for purchase of
electric motorbikes."


Apr 18, 2008, 11:49 AM

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Re: Subsidy for Electric Vehicles Sign In

Well, what is viable in India is not really possible in the USA. We are not as crowded here and distances between places are much more than in India. And, then, we have the problem at the moment of a president who cares nothing for the environment let alone anyone who is not connected to the big oil companies. This president has done more to destroy the environment than probably all the presidents before him combined. Here in the states we are looking forward to the next president in hopes he/she reverses course and stops trying to destroy the world single handedly. At one time the USA led the world in innovation, today we are; unfortunately; far behind the other nations who have realized and are trying mightily to save mankind from itself.

The technology is there for us to lead once again; or at least to catch up. I truely hope that we begin soon before we find ourselves in too deep a hole to dig ourselves out. For the time being though big oil does control all here.

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