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Fords Flex-fuel Vehicles

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May 8, 2006, 6:41 AM

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Have you seen any of the newer flex-fuel fords yet? Is there much of a difference from them then a normal gasoline vehicle?

I’m asking because last night I was shocked to hear l on dateline that ford and other American car companies are leading the way in Brazil with alcohol / gasoline cars..... And this year Brazil announced they NO LONGER NEED TO IMPORT OIL....for their driving needs yet here in the USA, ford and other companies are taking a backseat to Toyota and Honda, well at least it seems that way with the hybrids.... (still require gas)

Funny how here some group of people are still stretching out the oil needs of America....

Also surprised to find out that Brazil has been working on this for over 30 years..... And has proven it to work..... With their population of over 186,112,794 people.... and self supported sugarcane turned into alcohol for their cars....

PS.... Brazils also have a choice gas or alcohol and are chosen alcohol....

After hearing this makes me sick. Especially seeing who is selling the alcohol in Brazil (Exxon, shell) among a few.

Makes you wonder has these companies tried to sell alcohol here? Or do they just make too much on oil…..

I actually think they might make more with alcohol here…. Grow crops in USA, process crops here… sell here… makes more sense to me, but truth is it doesn’t make much ($) cents to someone….

I’ve wondered if its our close ties with one national that owns about 15% of america, and exports you know what….

Sorry to flip the question, just a little made about all the crap on tv about the downsides to the feature fuels….

To be honest a flex fuel vehicle may be the only ford I would buy…. Well besides the GTO if I could afford it lol.

Fords Flex-fuel Vehicles

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