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need help with my 63 impala (electrical)

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Anonymous Poster

May 26, 2007, 11:13 AM

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need help with my 63 impala (electrical) Sign In

i recently instaled an alarm in my 63 chev impala. upon getting her home from the shop that instaled it i had the alarm on for around 6 hrs and went out side and heard the alarm going off in a very low tone as if the battery were just about dead. so i turned off the alarm and tried to start the car only to find that indeed the battery was dead, i took the car back and they told me it was the battery that was no good so i replaced it and the same thing again. when i took it back to the shop with the new battery they checked it out and said it was the battery again because they put in one of there batterys they had laying around and hooked up some apparatus that indicated the volts were going up or some thing like that, (dont remember exactly) were as with mine it was going down. so i replaced the battery once again with a $160 dollar optima battery and the car was perfect...for 3 days and the same thing has occured again, alarm going off in a very low tone, battery almost completly drained, PLEASE HELP IM BAFFLED!Frown

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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May 26, 2007, 10:22 PM

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Re: need help with my 63 impala (electrical) Sign In

I would get that alarm taken out and get your money back. Make sure all wiring they messed with is properly fixed. If this is a nice car and they drilled thru things to make a hood lock I'd go ballistic. Why in the heck did you want such a thing?

Any body with some alligator jumper wires could just get one of those old cars running and drive off. Well I suppose if it drains the battery dead all the time it would be a theft deterantCrazy

If you really feel you need something just get a steering wheel to brake pedal lock sold as "the club" that doesn't mess up your car. Make a coil wire or something that doesn't work. If you really need to get serious get a locator beacon like LoJack. Any of these systems can be defeated by determined thieves. Simple stuff seems to work just as well as fancy stuff,


New User

Jul 22, 2007, 11:49 PM

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Re: need help with my 63 impala (electrical) Sign In

thats odd, could be they wired it wrong, or its defective. Alarms will darin a bit of power but not that fast. Do u by any chance have a 1 wire alternator hook up? new Somtime those 1 wire jobbers like to stay on and will charge the feild coils all night and day long and suck the battery dry. Has to be somthing. alternator, bad wire job or defective unit, heck it could even be a trunk or glove box like not turing off even when its closed got to be somthing. Process of elmination. If it turns out to be the alternator get a 3 wire set up, turns on only when igntion is turned on, a littla exstra work but much less buggey and fusy. hope this helps

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