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67 440 Coronet Electrical issues

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New User

Mar 8, 2013, 11:20 PM

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67 440 Coronet Electrical issues Sign In

So today I went out to start the coronet and it wouldn't turn over. No power at all. So I took the battery out and brought it to orielys to test. Battery passed fine and was at 90% when he threw it on. Replaced my fuses to the right amperage as they were incorrect. After throwing the battery back on it still wouldn't start, while doing all this the dome/tail light went out. Played with the positive terminal and finally got it to start. Dome/tail light still not coming on. Radio had power and cig lighter had power.

So I drove over to orielys to buy some electrical cleaner and wire brush. Come back out and the car again wont start. Dome/tail light still out. Playing with the positive terminal wouldnt let it start. Cleaned the terminals and still no go. No power at all to the car. Sprayed some corrosion spray on everything and still nothing. So we started to think it might be the instrument relay switch. So I took it off and threw the new one on right there. Still nothing. Occasionally the head lights would come on but then quickly go off, dome light still not coming on. So at this point I take the battery back in to test and its good. At 80%. Guy comes around to try and jump me off because we started to think maybe the battery is bad.

While hes pulling around I have the headlights on and tug on the positive battery cable. (It runs down to the starter) and the head lights come on. Push it opposite way and they go off. AHHA!! This cable must be the issue. So I have him pull it tight and sure enough the car starts up. However the dome light still wont come on. At this point ive been there 4 hours and just want to get the car home. (At this point im thinking this cable must be bad and will replace in the morning.)

So when I get home I notice my dome/tail lights still aren't working. So I pull the fuse for tail/dome and put the same one back in and walla, the dome light comes back on and tail lights start working. While im down there I go ahead and spray some corrosion spray on the end of the cable bolted to the starter from the battery. Drive to the store and then back home. Get out and now when I pull this cable nothing happens. The car continues to run lights stay on etc etc.

So now I am absolutely stumped The car is now not shutting off when tugging this cable. Is it possible spraying the corrosion spray on the end at the starter fixed the problem? Seems weird that this alone would fix it?

Any time the dome light/tail lights go out and wont come back on all I have to do is pull the fuse and put it back in and these lights work again? Same fuse, doesn't blow, but something is tripped and wont reset until i pop the fuse and put it back in.

The horn is now not working but I would be willing to bet if i pop the fuse for the horn and put it back in the horn will work again.

Im so confused now and have no idea what could be going on. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hammer Time
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Mar 9, 2013, 4:09 AM

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Re: 67 440 Coronet Electrical issues Sign In

It sounds like you have a series of bad connection issues. There is no magic spray that is going to fix this problem. You have to actually remove the cables and wire brush all the connections. If you have aftermarket battery terminals, they may have to come apart too and wire brush the end of the cables before putting it back together.


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New User

Mar 9, 2013, 9:18 AM

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Re: 67 440 Coronet Electrical issues Sign In

The battery terminal was completely replaced yesterday when the issue started. The issue was definately at the end that is bolted to the starter. But like I said, last night I could not get it to do it anymore?

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Mar 9, 2013, 9:39 AM

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Re: 67 440 Coronet Electrical issues Sign In

Battery cable connections matter at the battery and at their other ends. It will never be any better than the worse connection.

If you used one of those U-bolt temp things at the battery and strip back to some bare wire note those are for temporary fixes only and usually are the first thing to fail. They do make but hard to find permanent ones that cost about as much as a whole cable,


This is a good one...........

These are constant trouble but work in jam........

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