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1966 Galaxie 500 HELP HELP I need this car to run right

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New User

Apr 7, 2013, 12:22 PM

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1966 Galaxie 500 HELP HELP I need this car to run right Sign In

I bought a 66 ford Galaxie 500 4dr fastback sedan 352 5.8l cruisomatic. This car has given me problems since the hour i bought it. I New its a classic and was intending for a running driving restore with intent to rebuild down the line in warmer weather.. but i paid 2k for it and have 2k in motor and still isnt correct. when bought i was told it had a rebuilt 390. rebuilt carb in the early fall.and needed a starter and tune up. ok no problem from family of mechanics. first day it looses power like its not geting enough gas putters and dies. starter is now toast. and the carborator is shot. so i replace stater and run carb rich. the gas smells rank . i ask questions and am in formed of fuel delivery problem great.... well the next day its clear its not A 390. first week we did valve cover gaskets spark plugs and carborato,r fuel filter...i get a day of driving
and this fuel problem of loosing loosing power putters and dies. tasks several moment to fire up but is putering and doesnt want to stay running in drive . well next the flywheel goes so that gets done in filt driveline was bout to fall but its newer and it has magna-flow pipes. but the exhaust mani fold wasnt done. front prakes was on back wards but all newer. motor mounts had been done but didnt do the back ones... there was rust setiment in filters we assume blockage and or rusty tank... we replace fuel pump and and if that didnt correct issue i needed fuel sending unit and at some point gas runs ok for 2 days and gets cloged to the point no gas into carb.... well we drop the tank. rust city... at this point im out of money i have 1200 in didnt have and its still not reliable... so i order sending unit and and do a temporary effective rust removal and get 90%+ fust and piting cleaned . get it all back together. it better but it still will have loos of power and run poorly. and small back fires.... I then tackle the ingnition condesor and cap and rotors... then have it time carb ajusted and points re gaped... its running i have power but back fires. some... i think air in tank its ok. it will work out Im on free way doing 60-80 mph and back fires multiple times big time a blow black smokes and pops looses powewr and will turnover but not fire. we think its points but... worried back firing that bad did some damage. i need help with solutions and or expirence asap... and I need afordable help .

Veteran / Moderator
Sidom profile image

Apr 7, 2013, 1:14 PM

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Re: 1966 Galaxie 500 HELP HELP I need this car to run right Sign In

Since so much work has been done to this....It would be best to start from scratch and recheck everything. Compression check, timing, mechanical & electrical. The rust problem needs to be dealt with completely......I can relate to the money problem but if it's so bad that it's plugging up the filter in a very short time then the tank & lines need to be replaced.....Until this is taken care of it will be a source of trouble......

For down the road when you are buying cars......There are some red flags to watch out for........When someone tells you all the vehicle needs is a "tune up".....This usually means there is a bigger problem going on they just can't get a handle on & are offing the car.... If a all a car really needs to run good was a tune up......Wouldn't it make sense for the person to just go ahead and do that simple task so the car runs great and the seller doesn't have to try to explain away this problem????.......Especially if the seller comes from a "family of mechanics".

The same holds true for car lots...... If a car has a problem....and it really is an easy fix,,,,,,then it gets fixed before the sale.....If it's an unknown problem or expensive fix then it gets explained as just needing a simple tune up...

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Apr 9, 2013, 10:05 AM

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Re: 1966 Galaxie 500 HELP HELP I need this car to run right Sign In

It's not the cars fault . It is only as good as the maintenance it's been given . In your case the previous owner(s) did little or none. It's likely the poblems started with a bad carb combined with bad fuel. Excessive cranking destroyed the starter and led to the flywheel failure.Mounts are prone to fail with age. Before slapping on a reman carb, remove tank and clean or replace it ,blow out all lines and replace fuel pump (its been pumping that rotten gas ), If you fret over spending the bucks , imagine it pulling the sputter stall trick on the train tracks .WITH THE 3:10 express comin atcha.


Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Apr 9, 2013, 11:03 AM

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Re: 1966 Galaxie 500 HELP HELP I need this car to run right Sign In

Just thinking (scary) you may be able to just take the top of that carb and clean it out. Some will be loaded with rust mud which will pick up with a magnet most of the time and spray thru all the ports. Count idle adjustment screws going IN so you can put them back in the same spot. If lost info count out about 2.5 - 3 turns from bottom. Clean out thru those holes. You can get an accelerator pump separately or used to.

Gas tank and rust has to be dealt with at the tank. Dunno if it can be cleaned or may have to replace. The gas has to go no matter what. Makes good weed killer.

If only temporary I'd put a fuel filter between pump and carb. I think that's all metal line or should have been. Just take that off and save it and use quality fuel hose putting extra filter out of harm's way.

Fuel lines were mentioned? Just blow them out unless the outsides are also a mess. .....


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