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Toyota Maxtrix XR Transmission Trouble

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Sep 11, 2013, 12:49 PM

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Toyota Maxtrix XR Transmission Trouble Sign In


I have a 2008 Toyota Matrix XR manual 5 speed. When I bought the car there were 110,000 miles. Now there are about 150,000 because I've taken it on lots of trips. For example, drove through the mountains of Colorado and long story short I had to drive in 3rd gear in like 4000-5000 rpms just so it would not slow down to 30 mph on I-70. So it's had some hard times but the transmission is just starting to get really loud and my mechanic thinks that the issue. He gave me two options. 1. Take the transmission apart and see if it is it is not I will need a new transmission. The labor for taking it apart is about $1,500. He said a new transmission is about $800-1000, and he's my friend so won't charge excessively for labor.

With all that background information I have two ideas and would like as much feedback as possible.

1. I could keep the car and have him either take it apart to see if its salvageable, and if not replace it altogether, which seems like it will be expensive; OR I could just go a head and put a new one in that I know will be good and try to save my self to kick in the face when I pay $1500 to tell me it's not going to work.

2, My other option is I could sell the car. It's in amazing shape and most all of the miles are highway since the previous owner traveled for a living. Only thing is the transmission. So I was thinking maybe I could just sell it and get a car that's not a 5 speed. If I do that, 1. Would it be worth it (I've had the car for a year so it's depreciated) and 2. Should I fix the transmission first and then try to sell it for more?

This is my first experience with a transmission so I'm not sure what the best option would be.

I live by Kansas City Missouri and got a decent deal. I bought it for 9,800 in great shape with 110,000.

If anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it!



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Sep 11, 2013, 5:14 PM

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Re: Toyota Maxtrix XR Transmission Trouble Sign In

$1500 to tear down and inspect the transmission? should find another friend.

They give you 12.3 hours to overhaul it and that includes removing and installing it.

Charging you $122 dollars/hour....some friend.

What he should do is charge you 8-8.3 hours to remove and install either a overhauled unit that he does or a reman from another company.

If you want him to see if he could salvage it by doing a teardown and inspection, he should charge you 2.5 hours. If it is salvageable then you get charged 4.3 hours to overhaul it. ( this is ontop of the 8.3 hrs to R and I it.)

If you don't want him to tear it down and you want the reman unit, you pay 8.3 hours labor only plus the cost of the reman.

If the unit is salvageable and the parts don't cost an arm and a leg, you'll spend less money than a reman. If the part costs to salvage it are more than half of the reman, go for the reman.

I just hope that your friend specializes in transmissions. That isn't something for a novice to play around with. I've seen to many so called friends say they can do something and you end up getting screwed in the end. I highly recommend you let a professionally licensed and insured transmission shop do this if you plan on wanting to have it overhauled.

If it was mine, I would have a good used salvage yard unit installed. Make sure the salvage yard has some type of warranty. That way your paying 8.3 hrs labor + the cost of the salvage yard unit.

An 08 with 150K still has a lot of life left in it. If you plan on selling it, you'll get what is it worth if the transmission is good.

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