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Slow to engage

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Feb 7, 2018, 6:11 PM

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Slow to engage Sign In

First im going to apologize for the long description. I'm working on a 97 ford f150 xlt 4.6l v8. With a 4r70w transmission. Originally I was going swap out the tranny. It was slipping quite abit and I was under the impression it was way to difficult to work long story short. I had the wrong tranny. Which puts us here. The guy put mine back on and it made a really bad grinding sound and wouldn't engage. And it smelled like burn fluid. He said it was fine and reved the truck trying to get it to engage. He finally agreed that there was a problem. He dropped the tranny again.and I purchased a new tc for it. Cause that's what I was told the problem was. He put tranny back on truck and same thing happened. At this point I decided that I was going to research the work my self and learn a little about my tranny. A month later and I believe he burned out the front pump and did not put the tc in right to begin with. 4 days ago I drop the tranny my self. I replaced the front pump, put the tc in correctly. And it starts up great. No noise or grinding. Now it will engage but its very slow to do so. And has no power at all. And it surges alot. This is my only vehicle. I have been missing work and broke because of it. Any advice any at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Tom Greenleaf
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Feb 8, 2018, 1:10 AM

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Re: Slow to engage Sign In

General on this: 1st know the site has a trans expert hope he'll be by for some details of how to get out of this in the meantime can see what trouble you are in.
First thing is not much is really difficult if you have the diagnosis correct, tools, the place to work and totally best if a first time experienced help so you don't just make it all worse which I suspect you have.

You installed the WRONG transmission and didn't notice till it's crunching itself up? Time to quit then and there but kept going. Crystal ball says you boxed in the T/C not lined up and smashed it and the front pump now unknown if there's more hidden damage if this as a core can even be salvaged to rebuild is what you do not generally just go find what you think might swap over.

It (you said this) was burning up fluid by odor and no doubt was slipping and burning, debris all thru everything now no mention of flushing out the trans cooler or anything else.
It's slipping again now so already burning itself up yet again IMO essentially you aren't any better off that before you started or maybe worse off?

What do you want to do now? You clearly don't have the understanding of how this all lines up and have damaged things already for lack of equipment or full understanding of when you can really tighten things up should not give you a fight or something is breaking.

It's probably going to end up at a transmission specialty shop and possibly need a good used core to rebuild, check all other items.
The trouble is the working space and proper tools alone are costly plus any special info on upgraded parts for this now vs when it or core was new actually costs more than just paying for the right job especially for probably a one time deal.
The moral of the story is this and many other things with vehicles you'll just set yourself back for lack of proper understanding and the equipment to do it once and do it right and you need to know which things you send out or can take on.

Sorry to say this is probably going to cost even more now forward than if you didn't mess with it at all. Good luck and find the right help willing to take this on now as a botched job IMO so far,



Feb 11, 2018, 7:10 AM

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Re: Slow to engage Sign In

Slow to engage in drive and reverse? does it shift at all? any codes present for trans? sorry for late reply my trans shop is packed going 7 days to keep up

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