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Sharks circling, transmission lifeguard needed!

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Jan 21, 2018, 3:04 PM

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Sharks circling, transmission lifeguard needed! Sign In

1990 G20 Chevy van
350CID auto trans

I bought this van at a great price, strong motor and sound body. It was a God send as I cannot afford much on my limited income.
But after owning it for a bit, I noticed the transmission doesn't wish to shift into the next gear but that is only once it warms up and is at operating temps.

When cold, the transmission is strong, pulls without slipping at all, shifts good and has no troubles. Checked transmission fluid and it is clean and clear, and at the proper operating level. I checked the level while in park and idling so there shouldn't be a question there. Normally for what I am use to with my experience, when a transmission starts getting weak, one can expect it to begin slipping especially in cold winter months and not wanting to pull up inclines and hills.

But this is just the opposite and pulls good and shifts well when cold, and doesn't begin to show problems until it is warmed up. I can drive it on the highway, it shifts fine and pulls strong. But once leaving the highway to drive around town, it doesn't want to shift from first to second but finally will, and hardly even tries to shift from 2nd to 3rd. Note that even though not wanting to shift, it still pulls strong without slipping at all.

A friend has told me to check if this model has a vacuum modulator and to search for help on the forums.

So anyone with any transmission experience, please give me advice as with my beleaguered mere $750 a month SSI, I cannot afford a total trans rebuild at today's labor and part prices.

Thank you in advance for your patience and expertise and tips.



Jan 21, 2018, 5:56 PM

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Re: Sharks circling, transmission lifeguard needed! Sign In

i would check the modulator, when it acts up make sure there is vacuum, also in the back of the trans there is a round cover, this is where the govenor is, pop the cover off and see if the gear is good, there is also a vavle inside the govenor housing, make sure the valve is free

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