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No 3rd or 4th gear - MAXIMA 00

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New User

Apr 15, 2012, 1:28 PM

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No 3rd or 4th gear - MAXIMA 00 Sign In

Car is a Maxima SE 2000 with Aut. trans.

Symptoms: Car has erratic transmission operation. Car won't shift in 3rd and 4th gear. 4000rpm at 75km/h, if you push the o/d button and take it of, the transmission slips and engine rev to cutoff. Engine seams to work properly, and idle is good. Shifts from reverse, first to second gear is smooth. But will rev up or get back to first gear without behing needed or with any additionnal throttle.

What I've done so far:
-6 months ago:
Replaced the MAF sensor after an erratic throttle response episode - this was before the transmission problems started occuring. I also cleaned the throttle body at that time and replaced air filter.

-This weekend:
-I adjusted the TPS properly, to get 500ohms closed, and 4000ohms with WOT. Operation is smooth and gradual and you increase throttle.
-Took off the tranny oil pan, took off the solenoids and cleaned everything including the debris magnets at the bottom of the pan. Made the solenoids operate with current and made them "click" properly by cleaning them with compressed air. Tested - works fine. Reinstalled.
-Took out the TCM, opened it, checked for cracks, cold soldering issues and for fried components, board is perfect from the exterior, no issue. Reinstalled.
-Took a look at the crank position sensor under the engine, near the oil pan. Took harness off (was hard to get out), inside of the connector looks clean, no debris or grease. Didn't pull the sensor off tought...

I also did a scan, found the following code:

-P0744 Torque Converter Clutch, Solenoid Circuit Intermittent

I erased the code after I had worked on the car, and went for a test drive. Car still did the exact same thing.

What I suspect now:
-Bad revolution sensor
-Trans. solenoids
-TCM and/or ECM need a reflash / reprogram (considering I adjusted the TPS, changed MAF a while back etc...)

Let's hear what you guys think,


New User

Apr 15, 2012, 1:29 PM

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Re: No 3rd or 4th gear - MAXIMA 00 Sign In

Just brough the car back from the cotage - so I just did 40 miles in 2nd gear!

Man I really tought I had found my problem when I took off the splash guard behind the left front wheel, to get access to the revolution sensor on the tanny... There was a ground wire with a plug at the end hanging loose just beside the suspension. This wire was connected to a terminal under a bolt, on the side of the transmission housing. I put a new terminal on and re-installed it... Erased the code via OBDII, disconnected the battery for 30 minutes... then went for a test drive... same thing again... no 3rd gear...

Couple things I noted on the way back... Trans just don't want to get into 3rd. (and 4th off course...). When I'm in 2nd gear, if I take the O/D off, the transmission disengage and the engine revs... Putting it back ON locks 2nd gear properly again.

When going down hill, if I let the trans in D4, the rpm will just fall back to +/-1000RPM. If I take off the O/D then, there's a little bit of compression/decelaration from the engine which rev up a little...

One other thing, I checked the revolution sensor before bringing the car back tonight - there was some sort of oil on it and very small metal residue (like on the transmission pan magnets...). I cleaned it and reinstaled.

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