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Kia Sportage clutch / gearbox problems

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New User

Jan 6, 2017, 7:22 AM

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  post locked   Kia Sportage clutch / gearbox problems  

Hey everyone.

I am really hoping that there might be a few knowledgeable guys on here who could give me some input and advice on a few problems I am having with a Kia Sportage 2012 manual petrol that I bought a few months ago. I am not technically minded when it comes to vehicles and trying to explain problems but what I have done is tried to write an in depth document explaining the problems the way I experience them.

The car just came back from the agents where the gearbox was sent away and repaired but it did not solve any of the problems.

I am going to have to go back again which means I will be without a car for yet another month. Does my account below make sense the way I have explained things as I plan to send it with to the garage so that there can be no confusion as to what I find wrong with the vehicle.

The agent workshop forum says they will be looking at the release bearing when I take it back in. I am not sure why they have not done that yet while the gearbox was removed as you will see the company who looked at the gearbox stated release bearing failure?????? I don't know what to believe.

3 problems experienced on the car explained in detail below.

1. Rough slipping / winding noise
2. Knock from gearbox when the engine is running and in neutral and the clutch pedal is pressed in and released (Video recording of the noise available)
3. Clunk on 2nd gear.

The car has an intermittent “rough slipping / winding” noise that can be audibly heard at times during pull away with certain situations aggravating it. The slipping noise does not happen while or during changing gears or making use of the clutch it happens intermittently after the car has already been put into gear and the clutch has been disengaged. To describe it further it feels as if something is spinning and slipping or loose almost like a clutch slipping but there is not really a significant increase in the tachometer vs the speedometer). During the noise the car also looses an amount of torque until the spinning noise has stopped which lasts around 2 to 3 seconds. What seems to aggravate the problem to occur more consistently is when driving in the lower gears up a steep incline such as a hill. It happens also after slowing down such as when approaching a yield sign or preparing to turn a corner and then stepping on the accelerator again coming out of the corner to regain speed. It also happens more often when accelerating out after going over a speed bump. I am not sure if the angle or balance of the car has an effect on the problem. It does happen at times after stopping at a stop street and then stepping on the accelerator.

I am also experiencing a noise when pressing the clutch pedal in and out of which I am not sure if there is a possible relation to the rough slipping noise described above. The noise experienced on the clutch is a loud knock sound that occurs once every time the clutch pedal is pressed in and then released. The loud knock can be heard coming from inside the Gearbox. The noise does not occur until the car is started. Once the engine is running and the car is in neutral the loud knock can be heard. This is definitely not normal. I have made a video demonstrating this where the noise can be heard clearly.

The Kia agents removed the gearbox and they sent it to an approved facility where the following diagnoses was made and repairs were done according to the invoice I received from the Kia agents:

K4313439011 INPUT SEAL
K4311939020 SEAL OIL
K4311939030 OIL SEAL
K4322239042 BEARING
K4322339040 BEARING

I have received the car back after the repairs and the problems still persist exactly as before. I am not sure if it is related to the problems mentioned above which are getting worse or if it is due to the repairs done on the gearbox but I am now finding the 2nd gear to be clunky at times when driving and shifting up gears from 1st to 2nd with a slight grind / clunk before it goes into gear. This also seems to occur intermittently.

(This post was edited by KiaSportage on Jan 6, 2017, 7:41 AM)

Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
Discretesignals profile image

Jan 6, 2017, 8:59 AM

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  post locked   Re: Kia Sportage clutch / gearbox problems  

That is something you should take back to your agent. I'm sure you paid good money to have the problem repaired and it isn't right. It is really hard to get an idea what it could be because that is something that has to be driven by a mechanic.

Since we volunteer our time and knowledge, we ask for you to please follow up when a problem is resolved.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Jan 6, 2017, 9:24 AM

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  post locked   Re: Kia Sportage clutch / gearbox problems  

Mostly just some questions: You just got this vehicle so is all this covered by any warranty? Kia is famous in the US for 10yr./100,000 mile drivetrain warranties if you follow every detail on their maintenance list from new and no accidents that would void it.

* Why does it take a month each time this has an issue? That's nuts to me.
* Do you have papers on or about the prior ownership and how used? If for livery, commercial use, public use vehicle, taxi services or a rental prior to you much might not be covered.

This type of problem with worn synchro(s) bearing and noise and poor behavior I'm still shocked the "agent" or your contact person I take that can hand you back this car with the identical problem you complained about!

The failures of the parts you listed isn't common for a roughly 5 year old vehicle without some reason.

Of those I can think of a defect in an original part, some pretty harsh abuse. Seems you know this was sent out to a shop to fix what someone else diagnosed which is interesting but also should be OK. Who missed either the diagnosis or the fix?

There's just a lot that defies common explanation all about this. Tough on you and not easy for even techs to know exactly without taking some things apart so really makes this a rock and a hard place for you and don't know how you should proceed and you may know best if you can cancel this sale if within the original agreement?


New User

Jan 6, 2017, 9:58 AM

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  post locked   Re: Kia Sportage clutch / gearbox problems  

Thank you for the replies.

There certainly is a lot regarding this situation that also does not make sense to me.

I am the 2nd owner of the car and the car is still under warranty. I still have 10 months left on the original warranty or 25 000KM.

The previous owner did complete all scheduled services with Kia.

I cannot understand how the gearbox can be taken off, sent in for repairs and then the Kia garage techs ignore what is written on their own invoice regarding the release bearing failure as to why there were worn bearings ect yet they never bothered to replace it? They told me before they send the gearbox away and before a claim is processed they first inspect the clutch???

Here is a video I made today of the noise that the clutch makes when the car is in neutral. It did this before the gearbox was removed and it still does it a long with the slipping noise.

The reason it seems to take a close to a month is because the Kia garage have told me they only remove the gearbox, it then gets picked up and taken 2 hours away to an approved facility where they open and repair it. Once that happens it get shipped back to them and they simply put it back in.

I guess what I am looking for is someone who can give me some advice on how to handle this situation further with Kia as it seems like I am indeed stuck between a rock and a hard place with the techs. Hopefully with some input from the community here I can make sure the techs do what they need to do.

(This post was edited by KiaSportage on Jan 6, 2017, 10:11 AM)

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Jan 6, 2017, 11:11 AM

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  post locked   Re: Kia Sportage clutch / gearbox problems  

Here's a clickable link to that..... > <

It's not going to be SEEN what's broken under there and they had the chance.

On your list of parts that failed I can only make educated retro guesses as to what happened to cause this. Clutch linkage for whatever reason probably didn't release clutch when pushed down hence harsh on transmission parts themselves.
Never saw this but it's checked is the front shaft of "gearbox" (transmission) has to center itself into the rear of crankshaft in what's called a "pilot" bushing then clutch disc and parts stay in line without strange forces. You actually can't remove or replace the clutch disc well if it's not in line.

This is just wild and I mean wild guessing what happened. For any reason it needed a clutch job is possible before you got it at all. If that wasn't all lined up properly before tightening it all up all hell can break lose. If you leave a "gearbox" hanging by the shaft out the front of it while thru a clutch UNSUPPORTED till things are tightened up you end up with a warped clutch and never seen by me but possible busted up pilot bushing then that shaft doesn't know what to do and would rattle up the front parts of transmission/gearbox = same thing to me.

It could grind while shifting normally or be require unusual force as a clue. It might shake when taking off trying to be smooth about it with the clutch.

Just an example of a maybe why which isn't your problem now.

In short - if a transmission is taken out for any reason and bend up clutch's disc that's mechanic error perhaps quite a while ago and also could be a bad part gone wild.

That's what trained techs do is figure this out for you. Not all places are going to take on all aspects of repair at location but rather have agreements with coopering places that do.

Trans may have been returned fine and the problem wasn't fixed that caused it up to broken yet again by error. One shop/garage doesn't seem to know what they other is dealing with.

With warranty brings another mess. The car maker isn't likely to pay for the exact same thing twice in a row if mechanic error. If your error somehow you own the problem and can be hard to prove any of this.

Side note not mechanical: I FEEL YOUR PAIN! Not sure of the solution but think somehow place that takes it out should be showing pictures clearly to place that fixes the gearbox or this could never end.

Someone is missing the source problem in my opinion. If this was at ONE garage/shop from start to finished repair would probably be the way out but also probably not your choice.

Can you go up the ladder to owners of the places that are NOT getting this fixed the first time to get them to choose the best way out for them which means for you also?

At least keep all your papers on what has been done or claimed to have been done if this can't be solved with these people and their way of doing this.

This suks,


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