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Is there any hope for my transmission

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Dec 24, 2016, 9:31 PM

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  post locked   Is there any hope for my transmission  

Hi, I posted another topic about my transmission going bad after replacing the alternator. I've since taken my car, 2006 Honda Odyssey, Automatic 140k miles to another mechanic for a diagnostic. He said that I have about 6 quarts too much transmission fluid. The fluid was translucent golden brown color with the tip of the dip stick a dark brown or black. My car also has a very smokey smell to the interior which it didn't have before. The transmission is slipping pretty often while driving. I want to know if my transmission is pretty much ruined or if doing a full transmission service might help? This new mechanic said to replace the transmission or preferably just sell the car. I'm kind of shocked because I drove my car daily with no problems before the alternator went out. Does anyone have an idea why my transmission would be overfilled by 6 quarts? I got a transmission fluid change about a month ago (only a fluid change, no full service), this was also before the alternator went out. I am just wondering if it happened then or at the mechanic who did the alternator change? Would it be worth it to get a third opinion from a transmission specialist or do the signs point to it being pretty much junked? Thank you.


Dec 25, 2016, 11:29 AM

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  post locked   Re: Is there any hope for my transmission  

Not sure how this trans is 6 quarts over, the entire fill isnt much more than that. I would drain the fluid out and refill it with the correct fluid and level, if overfull the solenoids may not be able to exhaust. The correct way to check the fluid is have the car on level ground and the engine OFF, the honda transmissions in general are a problem, i do about one a week at my shop.
Also, on these transmissions you cannot change the filter all you can do is drain it and refill it. I would go for an opinion at a trans shop.
Is it still overfull? Gary

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