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2000 Saturn Sc1 wont reverse. Sensor or transmission?

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Feb 15, 2015, 8:14 PM

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2000 Saturn Sc1 wont reverse. Sensor or transmission? Sign In

I've had my car for many years and its always ran great up till about 2 months ago. I went to feed my horses and drove to the pasture, got out and fed. When I went to get in and reverse, the check engine light came on and it didnt engage in reverse. Eventually it ever so slowly backed up just enough that I could get out of there and go home. Went to O reillys and the engine code was: P0732 Saturn - Gear 2 Incorrect Ratio.

It drove home fine, though its almost like it forgets when to shift now? When I feel like its supposed to shift I have to let off the gas some so it doesn't shift too hard, if that makes sense. Its not slipping, and its not really clunking or anything.

I still drive it every day and its driven the exact same as the day it started acting odd. Drives forward fine at all gears other then the forgetting when the correct time to shift is occasionally, but will not reverse. When I say it wont reverse, it didn't freeze up when its put in reverse. Its like it goes into neutral when in reverse. When I first start the car when its cold, every now and then it may ever so slowly start to go backwards but its not actually SHIFTING in reverse. You can not feel it change or lock into gear at all. On the occasional time it does move backwards, pushing on the gas does not make it go any faster.

A little background on this car: Its quite known for sensors going out. Ive had to change the O2 sensor a few times and I think the throttle position sensor once. Im really thinking its a sensor or something that went out and not the whole trans going out. Also, my trunk leaked for some time and when it broke down a couple years ago for a few months, I went and had the fuel pump replaced. After nearly $1000 to a mechanic that couldnt even figure out the problem and replaced the fuel pump, I turned to youtube myself and found it was just a cord in the trunk that connected to the pump by the tank had corroded and a piece of tape fixed it in less then 5 minutes.

Any advise would be great on if this may be a sensor or ?? I checked all the fuses and theyre all fine. Trans fluid lvls fine, its never leaked. Never has given me any transmission issues ever before this happened. Id really like to have a general idea of what Im looking at here before I try taking it to a shop again. Every one Ive talked to has said you need a new transmission, but my gut is telling me that even if I were to have that done, it still wont work. Either that or they'll replace a sensor and get it working and charge me for a transmission replacement. I dont have any car friends that could come look at it so I thought I would see if I could get some advise here. Thanks!


Feb 16, 2015, 3:57 AM

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Re: 2000 Saturn Sc1 wont reverse. Sensor or transmission? Sign In

Im Gary, im a transmission shop owner in new york. The number one cause for this problem is a part inside the transmission called the Valvebody and inside this valvebody there is a pressure regualtor valve that the bore wears out, from the valve moving side to side you will loose pressure, you need at least 175 psi of pressure for reverse on this trans. If you look at this trans you will see a top cover, that is where this valvebody lives, so it is accessable without pulling this trans out.

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