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1968 Mercedes will not shift out of gear.

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Apr 25, 2017, 4:18 PM

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-3.0 straight 6

Easter Sunday the wife and I took the Mercedes out for the first time this year. ( I did a test drive 2 days prior just around town and back. Everything felt great until IT HAPPENED)

About 20 miles from the house made a turn into a neighborhood and right away I knew we had manual transmission issues.
Car is a 68 with 4speed on the floor.

-The car would not shift out of gear (believe it is either 2nd or 3rd)
-With engine both running and not running it will not shift.
-I can press clutch pedal down start car and lift pedal slowly riding the clutch to get the car going (i did this to pull it into my house garage)
-The clutch fluid reservoir was empty. I filled with brake fluid, jacked the car up,cleaned up some dampness thinking this was clutch fluid, went under while the wife pumped the clutch pedal looking for new fluid leaking.
-Didn't see any new fluid but car still would not shift gears.
-Inspected line from reservoir to clutch master cylinder (located in car under pedal.) no leak.
-Tried bleeding slave cylinder on transmission (externally mounted) It had lots of ugly dark fluid come out not much air though. Was expecting it to bleed like brakes with the fountain/squirting effect more of dribble. Maybe I wasn't cracking the bleed valve enough.
-Still couldn't shift gears.
-Removed slave from transmission mounting. When wife stepped on clutch I could see plunger/piston extend and fluid was dripping out. (excited I found problem)
-Replaced with one from Napa looks identical. Bled the line. (after this clutch pedal was not bouncing back up, pedal was low, pedal was spongy.) To bleed it I first let it drip gravity bleeding, tightened, wife pumped pedal and I bled it just like brakes. No luck. Tried this a few times both with pumping and with just a press of the pedal and hold. I even removed mounting hardware after not having luck watched rod extend feels very firm. I also put a screw driver into plunger hole but I was not strong enough to press pressure plate. I have never done this before so I do not know how much force needed. Since it is a hydraulic system I am assuming much more than I can apply.
-Still cant shift gears.

-Removed starter and inspection plate hoping to see something but there is not enough access for any visuals with out special equipment.

I am torn between the car not being bled perfect. I do feel I did it right though.s
Possibly the clutch pressure plate being worn not mating properly. Why can I press on the clutch, start the car, use the clutch and feel engine/transmission/drivetrain/wheels all engage?
Possibly the master cylinder has small leaking by causing enough pressure to visually see slave move feel firm but when going up against pressure plate it can't fight this force.?
Also a possibility of a transmission internal issue. I have not seen the internal workings but shifter attaches to 3 shift levers/linkage. ( I have not tried to take the linkage off and rotate these by hand.

I am trying to not have to take the transmission out if I do not have to. Since I live in Maine, USA I am hoping I can get the car repaired in time to enjoy the 2 weeks of summer we get blessed with each year. HAHA.

Please any help would be greatly appreciated. Ask any questions needed to help clear things up if I was not clear in describing my issue.


1968 Mercedes Benz 230 owner #W108


Apr 28, 2017, 5:58 AM

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Re: 1968 Mercedes will not shift out of gear. Sign In

Ok, so where are you with this, did you get it to bleed? do you have a pedal? will it go into gear? Sorry if i missed something, i read it fast, shop is packed with cars.

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