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Rear bushing Chrysler

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New User

Sep 1, 2016, 10:39 AM

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Rear bushing Chrysler Sign In


2010 Chrysler 300 RWD touring 3.5L 111k

Ok I redid the whole front cause the bushing where done, I'm looking at my rear suspension and I wondering how to determine if they are bad. There's not a lot of room to see all of them, Using a crow bar I can move them a little but they don't feel like there's a lot of play in them.

Unlike the front suspension, where you can get the whole kit on ebay, the back don't list much.

any info welcome


Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Sep 1, 2016, 1:17 PM

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Re: Rear bushing Chrysler Sign In

Tried to look up what you are after.

Are you checking control arm bushing like this?...............

IDK - This type, pressing into control arms usually last a very long time but possible to go bad.

Yes - if you don't see an obvious problem you pry every which way, load on and off the arm for more than just dampening motion up to a clunk or a wheel that can torque out of line if real bad.

IDK - tough look up so far. Frequently you bite it and get a whole arm with bushings installed but this look up said to re-use you existing arm not always possible.

Notes of item of this sort if with barbed center tube: It should be installed with weight of vehicle on that type if so such that barbs bite and hold the center of travel. Otherwise you are torqueing rubber to or beyond intended limits of motion can even in a control arm maybe lift or lower height some - not right to allow that. Could make subsequent alignment off.

Let's start over. IF you can't check that this is OK than just how do you expect to replace it if so hard for you to get at?

IDK - I really don't think short of some abuse or something real wrong why these should be bad but can appreciate you wanting to know they are good.

If you just messed with the front perhaps if still needing an alignment from doing that get the alignment tech to check these out as a must or if really bad the alignment wouldn't really be good at all,


New User

Sep 2, 2016, 10:11 AM

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Re: Rear bushing Chrysler Sign In

Yeah from what I can find there are 2 kind of replacement, Press in in 1 piece and in 2 piece.

Since the play is very minimal, I will not touch it myself, I will ask the mech during yearly inspection.

I did a basic alignment in the front but I still have 2 bushing to replace, waiting for the hobby shop to open Saturday to save $ on tools. 180$ for press kit ...

Alright, Ty for picking Brains whit me, appreciate your answer.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Sep 2, 2016, 12:40 PM

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Re: Rear bushing Chrysler Sign In

Know something about alignments: Certain parts do alter where it was and require another alignment. Best I could tell this was on a control arm and would alter the rear alignment if just taken out (whole control arm) and put back you'd need an alignment. If these need replacing I think I'd be checking dealer for a whole control arm with them installed already to bolt up not press these in.

Sorry - just can't speak for every model of everything ever sold by model year just what might be different but that part in basic idea has been used since at least the mid 60s by basic way it works on wherever it's used.

The whole idea of a 2 wheel alignment kinda went away now at least 30 years ago so wonder what was done with just two?

Seriously - whole time working on whatever alignment went to a shop that had the machine that cost as much as a decent house so not something every shop would have but rather an agreement with one that does specialize in just that.

So my exposure it doing all the checks - tire pressure and all possible alignment altering steering and suspension parts, wheel trim removed as needed knowing what would happen and place saved time checking all the things on a long list before you even get started saves them that time and for me a volume and read to go vehicle to do a discounted cost to me. So did new car dealers and most other shops in my area - common way to do stuff.

IDK - if you aren't sure how to know if they are good or not guess you better have the alignment shop check the whole car out to see if it's even ready for a proper alignment which mean any worn parts involved must be good. Even odd tires or wear that doesn't match matters.

I can't check this for wear for you from hereCrazy, you do or the alignment place does.

BTW - those weren't so cheap upon look up. Been forever since one needed for real so was a bit surprised or look up was all wrong and can be,


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