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Inner tie rod improperly replaced??

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Oct 17, 2017, 11:33 PM

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Inner tie rod improperly replaced?? Sign In

I took my 2001 Buick Century to a shop because of a rumble in the front end. They said I needed new inner and outer tie rods. So I had them replace those. When I got the car back the rumble is still there and now my steering wheel is locking up when I turn left only. It turns right just fine, no odd sounds or anything. I took it back in and he says "oh, the rack and pinion is leaking fluid, you need a new rack and pinion." I had never had any steering problem before they replaced the tie rods. Can someone help me out? I have looked all over online and have found nothing similar.
Oh. and the real kicker, as I drove the car (my only car) the problem got worse and worse then all of a sudden the problem is gone... there are no issues steering left at all... still rumbling in the front.

Hammer Time
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Oct 18, 2017, 4:57 AM

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Re: Inner tie rod improperly replaced?? Sign In

It sounds like you may have taken it to Goober and Goober Inc car repairs. They may have damaged something in the process of replacing the tie rods but what bothers me even more is that they are saying the rack is leaking. If that is the case they should never have replaced the inner tie rod ends as a new rack will come with them already installed. If they saw the rack leaking, they should have recommended changing the rack instead of the tie rods. Now it you replace the rack you will be throwing away the new tie rod ends.

I suggest you take it to a different shop and get a second opinion on what the issue is.


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