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2011 Ford Edge Sport Steering pull

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New User

Nov 10, 2015, 10:42 AM

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2011 Ford Edge Sport Steering pull Sign In

Hello, this car is a 300hp FWD.

I can feel the car pull the right whenever I accelerate at ALL speeds, just not from a full stop. When I accelerate, the car pulls/shifts to the right and so does the steering wheel. The car stays traveling forward however. When I change lanes, the car may wobble based on throttle position because the original issue that I explained. I can feel the front of the car shift to the right slightly every time I give it moderate gas.

This car was a the dealership service dept. for 2 months. A Field service engineer worked on it and even he could not figure it out.

They checked all of the basics and replaced the below parts. They also took apart the differential and reported no issues. They also inspected the subframe and removed it.

*TSB 10-24-8
*Steering gear / steering rack and pinion
*Power steering pump
*Both halfshaft axles
*Transmission torque mount
*Passenger side engine mount
*Both front struts (strut mounts do not look like they were replaced)

When I bought the car, it had a front passenger side strut that was busted. The passenger side motor mount also had to be replaced to fix a noise/vibration issue, so I'm thinking the previous owner went over a big pothole or something before trading it in...

At this point, Ford is making the determination whether the car is eligible for buyback/replacement but really, I like the car rather fix it than have Ford try and match what I already have.

The shop foreman told me that he has never had a car he couldn't fix in his 24 years on the job...

So now I'm just posting on all the forums I can to see if someone somewhere has any other ideas. At this point the Ford dealerships will not look at the car since they all use the same field service engineer anyway.

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Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Nov 10, 2015, 11:26 AM

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Re: 2011 Ford Edge Sport Steering pull Sign In

TSB 10-24-8



2011 Edge

2011 MKX

Some 2011 Edge and MKX vehicles may exhibit a drift/pull right concern even though the tire pressures and wheel alignment settings are within specifications.

Follow the Service Procedure.


1. Partially raise vehicle.

2. Spin all wheels and inspect for brake drag.

a. If brake drag is present, do not continue with this article. Refer to Workshop Manual (WSM), Section 206-05, for normal diagnostics.

b. If no brake drag is present, proceed to Step 3.

3. Swap front tires and wheels from side to side (LF to RF) and retest for a drift/pull to the right.

a. If the concern is resolved, return vehicle to customer.

b. If the concern is still present, proceed to Step 4.

4. Record wheel alignment settings to establish a baseline.

5. Remove the RH splash shield. Refer to WSM, Section 501-02.

6. Remove three (3) pushpin fasteners, seven (7) screws and the front splash shield.

7. Using a wax pencil, mark the position of the front subframe to the underbody at each of the mounting nut locations.

8. Remove the subframe mounting nuts, one at a time, and replace with new nuts leaving 2 threads exposed to allow for subframe movement.

a. Negative cross caster and positive cross camber will reduce vehicle drift right. Increasing negative cross caster is preferred over positive cross camber.

9. Increase negative cross caster to achieve a minimum of -0.5 degrees, not to exceed -1.2 degrees cross caster. Increase positive cross camber to achieve a minimum of +0.6 degrees, not to exceed +1.2 degrees cross camber. Right hand camber not to exceed -1.2 degrees.

a. To increase negative cross caster, rotate the subframe clockwise, as viewed from the bottom of the car, taking note of the left front subframe bushing and the right rear subframe bushing. For every 1 mm (1/32") of lateral movement outboard of both the left front and right rear subframe bushings, cross caster will increase by approximately 0.25 degrees.

b. To increase positive cross camber, slide the subframe to the right (passenger side). For every 1 mm (1/32") of lateral movement, cross camber will increase approximately 0.15 degrees.

10. Torque subframe mounting nuts to 133 N.m (98 lb-ft).

11. Reset front toe to specifications. Refer to WSM, Section 204-00.

Since we volunteer our time and knowledge, we ask for you to please follow up when a problem is resolved.

New User

Nov 10, 2015, 11:46 AM

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Re: 2011 Ford Edge Sport Steering pull Sign In

I should have mentioned this also. That TSB is one of the first things performed.

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Nov 10, 2015, 12:53 PM

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Re: 2011 Ford Edge Sport Steering pull Sign In

what do we know about "When I bought the car, it had a front passenger side strut that was busted."
any evidence of an accident? you purchased used - from a ford dealer ? anyone check carfax, et al?
sorry GTG will try to add more later

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New User

Nov 10, 2015, 1:00 PM

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Re: 2011 Ford Edge Sport Steering pull Sign In

Carfax was clean. Vehicle was not reported to be in any accidents. I bought it from the dealer. A dealer which sold me car with a broken strut.

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