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Can you manually move the blend door?

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Dec 21, 2009, 1:34 PM

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Can you manually move the blend door? Sign In

1997 Ford Taurus/6 cylinder/3.0 OHV
After checking everything that effects the heat in a car, I believe my problem is my blend door not moving the way it should to give me 100% heat. Everything else I checked out is what it is suppose to be and yet I have luke warm air coming out. Is there some "easy" way to move the blend door so that instead of getting luke warm, I get full heat? Tearing apart the dash isn't a real option, I just wondered if there was a way via going behind the glove compartment I can manually move the blend door to get the heat hotter?

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Dec 21, 2009, 4:37 PM

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Re: Can you manually move the blend door? Sign In

The blend door actuator is located in the center of the dash. You can see i8t from under the dash. If you remove the actuator, you can work the door by hand very easily. It should be a white p0lastic box about 4x4x1 inches. As I said, if you look under the dash right in the center you will see it.

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Jan 6, 2010, 2:04 AM

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Re: Can you manually move the blend door? Sign In

Hi, I have 2000 Ford p/u with trident v8 4.6 engine. I have the same problem, no heat but plenty of cold air. I was told that the blend assembly was bad. Will I went a bought a Chilton repair manual for a 1997- 2003 pick-ups/expendtion/navigator. The problem with that is that the book is not showing the same are that the blend door is located then where it really is. Any way it is located either under the dash beneath the glove box or in the center at the very bottom, which is easier to get to with out takeing out the whole dash. Which I have done on an old Jeep Cherokee that my wife use to have, it turned out to be an all day job to replace the heater core. Took five hours to take the dash apart and another five to put it back, but any way I have changed the subject. I would first advise to get a repair manuel from your local parts store (other the the Chlitons). Due to my health I was unable to do the job so a mechanic friend of mine to replace it. This is the same fellow that told me the door blend assembly was bad. The only thing I have yet to check, which of course should have been the first, was check the fuse. But as of now I still have no heat and a brand new 50 dollar part that still is not working. The fellow that put the blend door in stated that he felt is shaking but that was it and that the door was still not changing over. Now if this was in the time that the door was controlled but the vacuum system. It be not problem to fix it. So my suggestion is good to your local parts store, If your going to do it yourself or have a shade tree mechanic do it. Check the fuses first, if that is not the problem the go to the manuel and go from there. Good luck to you, my next stop is a real auto shop, I know it cost more, but I need my heat. So again good luck to you.


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