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2004 Jeep Liberty compressor shooting refrigerant out the back

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New User

Jul 23, 2016, 2:14 AM

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2004 Jeep Liberty compressor shooting refrigerant out the back Sign In

I have resorted to this thread for now until I am able to get my vehicle in the shop. Usually when it comes to maintenance and repairs i try my best to do it myself but AC requires so many specific tools I do not have.
2004 Jeep Liberty Sport
3.7L V6 4-speed automatic
156k miles
Heres the story:
I had a leak in my condenser so I had it replaced along with a new air dryer. The system was vacuumed/recharged (I assume by the shop) and it was still not blowing cold air. They further diagnosed the issue and said that it was the pressure cycling switch that sits on top of the dryer and I so i went ahead and ordered that and put it on myself since it was a fairly easy task. The AC still wasn't working and I remember my AC clutch wasn't engaging either and so I was messing with the relays and switch a few around (the wiper hi/lo relay and ac clutch relay)...boom the clutch engaged and now my AC was blowing ice cold air. Such a relief.... now about two weeks later I go outside and start my jeep sitting there idling, i noticed smoke coming out from under the hood and it giant hissing noise like a air being released from an air compressor. I lift the hood and notice refrigerant everywhere behind the AC compressor. Now I am stumped, could it be overcharged? The ac clutch now doesn't engage again, I jump the relay with a paperclip to just get the ac clutch engaged, and the low pressure lines turn ice cold yet no cold air. When i take the paper clip off, the low pressure side goes back to being warm. What could the issue be? I pray its not the compressor itself. I know this post was long but just want all the details explained.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Jul 23, 2016, 4:15 AM

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Re: 2004 Jeep Liberty compressor shooting refrigerant out the back Sign In

Sounds like compressor kept working and fans not in the mix so it blew out - many will have a last ditch overpressure/temperature plug on compressors to release if beyond all other ways to make it quit which failed before that.

You really can't just go jumping things on Chrysler products especially nor any as you can easily blow the engine control computer which would also set fans and which speed when compressor is engaged and when just needed anyway.

IDK, why the shop didn't just fix the switch or replace it if they were sure it was bad or perhaps you saw the LPCO isn't too expensive and actually interfered with their work now so you own it.

Now for whatever reason is does sound like compressor blew out both refrigerant and oil is what you saw not refrigerant so that info is lost on how much to replace and really should start all over with diagnosing this, total flush out and charge of oil known and refrigerant to even proceed and code readings for A/C troubles - fans or whatever.

I don't know now what the damage will be nor anyone else. It's totally not DIY friendly so suggest starting over and get an idea from an A/C shop with a professional with all the equipment to at least diagnose what they can.

You seem so afraid of a compressor is the least of the troubles it's the risk of everything else it can take with it that will cost now.

Shouldn't have messed with this,


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Jul 23, 2016, 6:21 AM

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Re: 2004 Jeep Liberty compressor shooting refrigerant out the back Sign In

X2... STOP jumping circuits... can get expensive fast.
All you need is a scanner and AC gauges to get a picture of what is wrong.
What codes are showing - use a SCANNER.
Get a set of gauges on your AC system - both HIGH and LOW pressures.

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