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vacuum hose disconnected?

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Anonymous Poster

Sep 17, 2008, 5:55 AM

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vacuum hose disconnected? Sign In

Saturday, I took a 93 Ford Aerostar to Firestone to ask for an alignment; they kept it and called me later. They then said that the reason that the tires were wearing more on one side was that the ball joints needed to be replaced. They also said it needed 2 new front tires. The two that they wanted to replace are about 1 yr old 'maybe' 20,000 miles on them. They gave me a quote of $1350. Needless to say I couldn't afford that. They said I could probably 'get by' with 2 new tires, so I did that. Of course, they didn't have the $160/pair tires, so they bumped me up to the $200/pr., and no alignment.

Now that I am thinking of this, I am getting madder..........I was 180 miles away when I did this, so I can't just run back there.........and I found out later, they kept the old tires...........

does anybody know anything about 'ball joints' on a 93 Aerostar..........

OH my van runs really rough, like maybe they unplugged a vacuum hose or something..........any ideas?


Veteran / Moderator
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Sep 17, 2008, 7:41 AM

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Re: vacuum hose disconnected? Sign In

Yes worn ball joints can cause the alignment to go out and wear tires in a lot less time & mileage then what you’ve driven.
Now if you’re talking all 4 ball joints, tires and alignment; $1300 doesn’t sound all that out of line too me?
As for them keeping your old tires; I bet if you asked for them, when you picked up the van; they would have been more then happy to give them to you. I don’t know about their/your area but here, I have to pay a company to come and dispose of the tires; we can’t just throw them in the trash bin.
Another thought is that, if the ball joints are worn enough to cause tire wear, then they’re likely worn enough to come apart. When a ball joint comes apart, it makes one hell of a mess of the vehicle and your shorts. The vehicle usually ends up bending other components that will add extra cost to the repairs. Your shorts; well you’ll likely carp them full; when a ball joint comes apart, you loose control over that wheel and the van is going to go where it wants to.
As for them disconnecting something, I don’t know, not likely; could it not be that the van is in need of more attention and didn’t like the highway drive?
I would go and have the front suspension re-inspected too confirm their findings and if they were correct; fix the van or stop driving it.


Canadian "EH"

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