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terios daihatsu

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Jun 20, 2017, 3:17 AM

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terios daihatsu Sign In

Hi, i am the owner of a terios daihatsu, over 10 years old. I live in Canary Islands, Spain. Here, like in the rest of Europe, Daihatsu has no longer any presence, including aftermarket and service.
My car has now started misbehaving and i do not knnow how to solve the issue because nobody is able to provide diagnostics due to the incompatibility of diagnostic software and vehicle motherboard.
The problem i am experiencing is the following. As i turn on he car, it stays on for about 3 seconds and then it switches off. I have been advised this could be an issue due to the keyhole not being able to read the key but after some tests this option has been ruled out. I also tested the sensors, which all seem to be ok. Another option which i thought about is the fuel pump not being able to work properly and as the fuel stream is blocked, the engine stops suddenly. The battery has been tested and it works fine.
The solution every mechanic suggests is to buy a new motherboard - but because nobody has the compatible software any longer, i am running the risk of 1) not being able to configure the centraline and 2) if the car brakes down again nobody will have a compatible diagnostics software and finally 3) the cost of a new mother board is high, might as well buy a new car....
I would like to have more opinions on the matter before i am forced to buy another car as i cant find any mechanic that can fix it.
Thanks in advance for your help, i look forward to reading the responses to my post.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Jun 20, 2017, 4:33 AM

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Re: terios daihatsu Sign In

Let's try despite this car is not sold to the US the site is based in US. What are possible things to check now. Try turning key upside down if same either way or better a known spare key.
If it has any anti-theft or "disabler" function go thru what is required to shut that off. 10 year old vehicle the original battery almost can't still be in it and know just changing it out or cleaning that up while disconnected you are erasing you call "motherboard" memory and or goes to a default that it's being tampered with possible. You must in general use a "memory saver" or it might default to behaviors you don't want it to have to relearn if this does at all - can't know.
No way to know for sure but doubt a new "motherboard" is going to work unless I'll call it "acquainted" with this exact car so isn't a good choice yet.

No help from any techs near you really doesn't help. You can search on line for a code reading device that is made to hook up to a portable device like what we call a laptop PC maybe certain "smart phones" or what you can move to the car if only to see what it comes up with.

Think hard about owning and needing a car with no support where you live and make the change if you are staying. There are just too many chances to get stuck for specific tools (electronic tools to set things) in this new of a car to be away from totally if true you would know.

This could be none of what I was thinking but you said it will start and shut off? Can you check if it lacks spark or fuel when it quits with a spark tester and spray of we call starting fluid added into air intake right before it stall it might stay running. If that works you may just have a fuel delivery problem and need parts you should be able to get just finding out what is going to be hard without testing tools to find out the reason and parts needed if any.

Good luck. You may do better searching for a Daihatsu specific site or one might be listed in owner's manual for some help. Have the vehicle's VIN or serial # ready if you contact the car maker or for parts if needed.

Good luck, you'll need it,



Jun 21, 2017, 4:04 AM

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Re: terios daihatsu Sign In

Hi, thank you very much indeed for your help!!! much appreciated.

It may be helpful if i gave you more context.

the car is in canary islands and that to me is just the location of my holiday home. the reason why we bought that specific second hand car is because at the time it was cheap and in perfect condition to be utilised 1 month a year.

now back to the main problem...

The car dies after few seconds (always the same amount of time, 3 to 4 seconds) on a cool engine. It is true thought that one time i went to the supermarket and the car was just fine (car had a normal engine temperature when i reached the supermarket) then after i finished with my shopping (maybe 20 minutes later) the car decided not to start any more. since then the problem has persisted and the car never run stays on for more that 3-4 seconds since. durign those 3-4 seconds the dashboard lights are on and everything looks the same as when it is (or should be) running.
the fuel pressure i don't think has been verified; i know for certain that the fuel pump has been checked and it works ok apparently.
the battery has been replaced only last year so this is also not the problem apparently.
we have also tried to start the car with a spare key but the situation is the same. the ignition key hole has also been checked and it presents no anomalies.
there is no anti-theft device that i am aware of.

in my dad's eye there is something disallowing the car to stay on, such as a sensor, a block in the fuel filter, fuel pump not absorbing fuel properly or something else fairly simple... do you think this could be the case?

regarding buying a diagnostic tool, what exactly do you recommend? have you got any links/examples you could share? also, once i get the hardware, what software do i need for it to be compatible with the car?

finally, i have to apologise; i don't fully understand your second paragraph, where you talk about battery and memory saver. could you clarify?

many thanks! looking forward to hearing your thoughts

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Jun 21, 2017, 6:11 AM

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Re: terios daihatsu Sign In

That "context" of use of this car is helpful noting used just one month a year!
OK. With that YOU need to properly store it for the other 11 months or no question will have odd problems. Must be prepared to store it that long, dry storage, battery on automatic trickle charger, oil changed before you leave, fuel quality unknown so treat it. Possibly even lift wheels off ground and prevent any damage by a critter that may want to live in the thing.
It starts and quits sounds like a fuel gone bad issue. These lights on dash are probably normal for a stalled vehicle.

The car could have been new and you'd have problems with this type of use if not tended to. Stored properly or driven periodically by another.

It's harder because you said you don't have a dealer of these and possibly not a lot of support to do what you are doing nor store it when you depart.

Your call always but in that situation I would rather not leave a vehicle at all but rather rent one for the month I was there and forget all service of it. You may not be able to do that?

1st thing is get thru this issue then I suggest you change what vehicle if you want one left for that long at all as they HATE just sitting even if brand new you are going to have issues right down to tire pressure, oils, fuels, tires themselves, battery. There are solvents if you can determine this is a fuel issue up to clearing it all out fuel tank to injectors.

It has to be diagnosed what the up front issue is to get going now and IMO you should think hard about how to store or have a vehicle left that long at all or the people I know that do this hire a company or person to check on vehicles and the building on a schedule to have this type thing ready for your use when you want it.

Wrong car IMO but don't know what's available to you for options or how much use it's used for while you are there.

Who where it is can help you is first then some plan so this isn't an annual routine of problems,



Jun 22, 2017, 12:56 AM

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Re: terios daihatsu Sign In

hello, thanks for the quick response.

Appropriate storage and regular checks are taken care of; thanks for the exhaustive explanation on how to improve what i am doing now.

i do agree, it sounds like it is some sort of fuel issue....

there is still a couple of points in relation to your previous message that i don't fully understand..

regarding buying a diagnostic tool, what exactly do you recommend? have you got any links/examples you could share? also, once i get the hardware, what software do i need for it to be compatible with the car?

finally, i have to apologise; i don't fully understand your second paragraph, where you talk about battery and memory saver. could you clarify?


Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Jun 22, 2017, 3:58 AM

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Re: terios daihatsu Sign In

OK - Diagnostic tool. If you can ( I can't do this for you from here) find out how to read the car's "computer codes" we call them requiring a code reader of assorted qualities. I don't have one nor want one to just plug into a hand help regular computer or device rather a dedicated one for at least basic code readings.
You said shops are not really up to speed for you with this car doesn't help so leave that to you to find what may help for where there are still more of these cars around routinely. You called it the "motherboard" I understand but it's not really a technical name for these things.
"Memory Saver" : This might be in a code reading device or you purposely keep a small amount of battery power to the car if removing the battery for any reason if only to clean it's terminals. If not I'm sure you've seen plain clocks and radios forget where they were - so does the computer which controls how it runs plus may if equipped with a theft control think it's being messed with and set that ON such that it would do something to disable the car?
This you need to find out for this car. You can power thru some cigar lighters if they have power all the time even when car is totally off, keys out just don't open a door or allow interior lights to come on the car doesn't forget or make up a way to safely empower battery cable ends so the car doesn't forget everything.

Cars (most) will know how to hold an idle speed I'll call "Adaptive Memory" as it ages and how it's driven can self adjust to the conditions. Again look for devices to save memory and see what you find on line or a stores website.

The "Battery Maintainer" is almost imperative. Those should be automatic to notice a drop in battery voltage and automatically come on by themselves and shut totally off keeping battery at full state of charge. Again - check sites, stores or places you can get one. It would plug into "public power" from your garage, house or however stored that powers common things would be different than US, Canada and think Mexico - most of the world used a two round prong plug to a wall outlet so need items made for that. This you should know or have adaptors for, for charging things or use of products you may bring with you to places that use the 110V AC current like the US as said and you need to know what's available and what you do. I never need that stuff.

Last for this long note is how does the fuel you buy get checked for quality or known that what you buy is rated for what it claims? Is it checked. The Canary Islands - yes know what and where they are but can't know how they are supplied with what or checked if at all? Those things I wouldn't possibly know place by place - you need to know all that.

Doesn't matter except for a timely reply I'm in time zone GTM-5 or EST zone now about 7am and should be about noon if you are in Spain?



Jun 22, 2017, 6:42 AM

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Re: terios daihatsu Sign In

Hi Tom,

you have been so kind and helpful!! an absolute star!!

I live in the UK actually, but will shortly travel to the Canary Islands and have everything checked.

In the meantime I will bring my dad up to speed with your suggestions and see what he may come back with (he usually takes care of the vehicle and he's surely more knowledgeable than me)

thanks a million again!

Take care

PS. what a lovely cat :)

(This post was edited by aryeedem on Jun 22, 2017, 6:42 AM)

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